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Digital Marketing Trends to Focus on in 2022

Digital Marketing Trends to Focus on in 2022

Digital Marketing Trends is the best way to reach the target audience in today’s era. Most of your customers will search online for a product/service in 2022. If you aren’t targeting them via digital marketing professionals, some other business is bound to reach out to them.

Do you know that global revenue from physical commerce channels has decreased by 20% in recent years? You can also influence the power of digital marketing in 2022 to reach new heights. As a business owner, you should be aware of the latest trends in digital marketing. Read on to know some digital marketing trends in 2022 that can provide better results.

Use of AI

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is now everywhere around us. Digital marketers are also using AI to reach more audiences. Not to forget, AI can decrease the need for manual efforts in digital marketing 2021. According to stats, AI marketing will grow to USD 190 billion by 2025. It is the exact time to invest in AI marketing and enhance your reach.

The best part about AI is that most customers don’t even realize they are interacting with an AI chatbot. AI algorithms learn over time as they get access to more data. Once you have invested in AI marketing, you will have to invest less in the long run. Your digital marketing campaigns will be able to reach more customers by using AI in 2022.

Augmented Reality

AR (Augmented Reality) combines the virtual and real worlds to present an interactive environment. Users can access an augmented world with a media device like a smartphone or laptop. With AR, marketers can have real-time interactions with the users. According to stats, AR is supposed to overcome the VR industry in the coming years.

Use of Voice Search

Many businesses are integrating voice search on their websites, mobile applications, and other digital marketing channels. Many people search for a new product/service with the help of voice assistants on their multimedia devices. According to stats, more than 50% of teenagers prefer voice search over typing text.

At present, the voice search feature comes pre-installed in smartphones and laptops. Voice search has become more common than you think in today’s era. Another example of the rising popularity of voice search is the rise of smart speakers. According to stats, the global market for smart speakers has risen by 20%, which shows the increasing popularity of voice search.

Use of Chatbots

How are you offering customer support on your website? Digital marketing is not all about promoting your products or services. Digital marketing also focuses on answering customer queries and providing them with the needed information.

Many visitors might be accessing your website in a day. You cannot provide chat support to all of them manually. This is why you can rely on chatbots to provide information to site visitors at any hour of the day. Do you know that at the end of 2020, around 80% of customer interactions did not involve a human? It is the correct time to invest in a chatbot and boost customer satisfaction.

Use of Online Video Editors

The Video content is a king when it comes to digital marketing. Earlier, business organizations hired expert video creators to make high-quality brand videos. At present, businesses are happy with using an online video editor for making brand videos.

A business can provide subscriptions to its employees for making brand videos. Video editing platforms now offer pre-existing templates that make the video creation process easier. Many video editing platforms come with an AI assistant to help video creators to make engaging brand videos.

While sharing videos, you need to identify the preference of your target audience. Also, share brand videos on social channels that are most used by your target audience. You can try different types of videos for maximum engagement, like informational videos, how-to videos, testimonial videos, and product focus videos.

Focus on Email Marketing

If you think that email marketing is dead, you are making a big mistake as a marketer. Email marketing is alive and kicking in 2022. It can help you reach more customers and establish a connection with existing customers. The biggest trend in email marketing is the use of personalized emails.

Brands are now sending personalized emails with the customer’s name in them for more engagement. You can send happy birthday emails to customers to develop a strong connection. With the use of new-age technologies, you can now automate email sending procedures for your business. According to stats, Tuesday, Thursday, and Wednesday are the best days to send emails to customers.

Rise of Micro-Influencers

The number of verified influencers on social media channels has drastically increased over the years. Celebrities are not the only option for advertising in 2022. Even micro-influencers with a strong online community can help you boost your brand reach.

You can partner with micro-influencers on Instagram and Facebook to promote your marketing campaigns. Even though a micro-influencer has a small online community, their followers are genuine. Also, you have to pay a micro-influencer less than a celebrity for promoting your marketing campaigns.

Sharing of User-Generated Content

Do you know that more than 80% of consumers prefer recommendations over any advertisements? It is because customers listen to someone they can relate with. If your users are sharing stories/posts about your brand on social media, feature them to attract more customers.

By integrating user-generated content in your marketing campaigns, you can win the trust of potential customers.

Growth of Loyalty Programs

Customers can be finicky and move to some other businesses if fed up. In today’s competitive era, it is important that you retain customers.

You can launch loyalty programs to provide extra benefits to regular customers. Customers will feel like they are getting something extra by choosing your brand again and again. You can also provide loyalty subscriptions to regular users and uplift your sales.


With increasing digitization, the role of digital marketing information management is bigger than ever. By incorporating digital marketing trends in your campaigns, you can enhance your sales, reach, and brand loyalty.

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