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Australian Shepherd Dog – What to Expect When Considering One

Australian Shepherd Dog – What to Expect When Considering One

Australian Shepherd Dog

The Australian Shepherd dog originally came from the west part of the United States, as opposed to Australia, despite what their name says. During the Gold Rush of 1840 in California, they were originally bred to herd livestock and have the traits of a working dog.

Nicknamed “the Aussie2, these are some of the best dogs to have on your premises. They are happy when they have work to do, as it’s in their nature. And they are a bunch of intelligent creatures with a lot of energy. When looking to get a puppy for yourself, it is always best to try and adopt one from a rescue facility or shelter.

Characteristics and Personality Traits of Aussie’s

Because of their strong herding and guarding instincts, they are energetic and robust dogs with a lot of stamina. They are also known to be very versatile and often give the impression to the other pets in the home, that they are in charge. These are not couch-potato dogs, so if your looking for a pooch that loves to stay busy throughout the day, and sleep at night, he is the perfect companion for you.

Some of them can be very relaxed and laid back when given the chance. Even though they show their assertiveness to other four-legged creatures, they do get along with them quite easily, so you don’t need to worry about their personality clashing with any other dogs or cats.

These brown or blue-eyed wonders make for the sweetest and most playful pets, and if you have kids, what better than to have a dog that loves to stay active? It could give your kids a reason to get off the couch and get active with them in the park or playground.

There are tremendous benefits or keeping dogs, click here to find out what they are, when you have children and having them grow up with them. For instance:

  • It helps to teach them responsibility
  • It helps to teach them how to love unconditionally and to be loyal
  • It helps with their self-esteem
  • Gives the kids (and the dog) a sense of identity and independence
  • It teaches them empathy

To name a few.

Some of the best activities to do with them, besides taking them for a walk is throwing a frisbee for them to catch, or a ball, and having them jump hoops for instance. Because of their high-energy traits, they are good for agility training activities such as racing them through tunnels, jumping over hurdles, and running over inclines and ramps or putting them into competitive dog sporting activities.

When they don’t get enough activity, they become destructive and some of them bark continuously till you do give them something to do. To avoid this, make sure you keep them busy and if you don’t have time, don’t adopt them or take them to doggy school where they will do it for you.

 australian Shepherd dog

The Health of The Aussie Dogs

These are one type of dog that can live for a long time. Some of them pass the 12-year mark to live up to 13 years of age. They are generally healthy dogs but do tend to have a few genetic issues like most dogs do.

Digestive Issues :

These guys may have a pretty robust digestive system and sometimes they may get constipation if not given the right foods, and they could also lose their appetite. With the right balance of nutrients and quality foods, they should be better:

You should also make sure you stick to regular feeding times and don’t overfeed them. Always have a bowl of fresh water next to their food as those common of being highly active and wanting to play all the time, will need some hydration.

Issues with Their Hips :

like most dogs, they too can have a common problem related to their hips. As they get older there tends to be a malformation of their hip socket. This may lead to other joint problems and can use their discomfort and pain as they get older, but can be treated with some exercise and the right medication, but cannot be eradicated, as it is a genetic condition.

Did you know these dogs can make very good career dogs? Because of their personality and adventurous characteristics, they have been enrolled in various types of jobs especially in law enforcement, as a police dog, or a hearing dog, guide dog and assistance dog. They are also brilliant as search and rescue operations.

If you are lucky, you can even teach them to help you with tasks around the house, such as daily chores like picking up a basket or the laundry, for instance, and taking it to you. They are beautiful dogs and come in coats of various colours, from white with brown or black spots, to a mix of black and white with brown spots.

Although they may be a handful to keep, they will win your heart with their loyalty, and loving personalities.  But to reiterate, they must only be adopted if you are a family of active people or have the time and can make the effort of taking them out for a few hours and playing with them.

If, however, you want a Australian shepherd dog that’s not so active and more on the laid-back side, you should opt for something like the Boston Terrier, Pinscher, Chihuahua, Brussels Griffon or a Bassett Hound for instance

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