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INSURANCE COMPANIES – The origins of disability insurance can be traced to the great depression in America in the 19th century hence the need for the so-called ‘NEW DEAL’ (SOCIAL SECURITY ACT), which entails reform and recovery packages for the citizens, especially those from badly hit regions. The new deal ensures that workers injured or who become disabled in the line of work are relatively shielded from the adverse effect of the impending financial doom.


Even as physicians, virtually no one is immune to these adverse circumstances hence the need for disability insurance. Whether you are a surgeon that relies on a steady hand to perform your job or in other branches of medicine where high mental strength is required to make a diagnosis or administer effective therapy, disability, mental or physical, can affect the function and hence loss of job and financial hardships. Since disability insurance cost varies from company to company, physicians must know the best companies that offer disability insurance services.

Below are the three (3) best disability insurance companies for physicians

3 Best Disability Insurance Companies For Doctors


  • Mass Mutuals

Mass Mutuals is a disability insurance company established in 1851. They run on their proper occupation policy, which affords you a certain percentage of your expected salary if you can’t continue your job due to a disability.

They also provide a comprehensive and policyholder-friendly offers comprehensive and policyholder friendly disability insurance plan called the radius choice. The radius choice plan offers the following. In addition, the radius choice plan provides the following perks.

  1. The presumptive total benefit
  2. Recurring disability benefits waive
  3. Inclusion of optional riders like COLA (cost of living adjustment) rider, FIO (future increase option) rider, the student loan rider
  • Ameritas

Ameritas was established in 1887. They also run on the proper own occupation policy of disability insurance. Their services are not limited only to physicians only. They offer a wide range of insurance products and retirement plans.

The advantages include;

  1. The COBRA premium benefit pays up to 1000 dollars towards your premium so that you can sustain your current health plan.
  2. The surgical transplant benefit waives for the elimination period in case the disability is a result of organ donation.
  3. Optional rider services include COLA rider, FIO rider, and the automatic increase rider, which boosts your benefits by 4% for up to 5 years.
  • Guardian Life Insurance Company Of America

Established in 1860, Guardian Life offers both disability and life insurance policies. However, like Ameritas and Mass Mutual, they run on their true own disability policy.

The Guardian offers a wide range of services which include;

  1. Short/long-term disability insurance
  2. Individual disability income i9nsurance
  3. Group coverage
  4. Hospice care benefit waives the elimination period for individuals needing hospice care.
  5. Optional riders enshrined in a long-term disability policy include the COLA rise, the FIO, and the student loan replacement rider.

These built-in benefits allow for a waiver of premium once the disability claim has been approved. Also, as an added advantage, there is an option to select between a 30 – 720 days elimination period.

Bottom Line

Disability insurance programs are not just for those who work in risky occupations. It should be seen as an investment that everyone must make. As a result, it is crucial to plan ahead of time to avoid the risks connected with financial loss caused by accidents or impairments.


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