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Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

Digital Marketing Trends – Digital Marketing Trend to be successful in 2021, you need to know the top industry trends. Current trends that will help you implement strategies that benefit your brand.

Perceptive the main details of each of them, you can implement comprehensive strategies that yield great results.

Keep in mind that the industry is an industry that is evolving by leaps and bounds and therefore it is necessary to stay well informed of all the new and technological advances that are coming to the market.

After Bloo Media, we invite you to discover the current trends in digital marketing, trends that you will need to know to take your business to the top in the coming months.

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Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

The Trends that will shape the upcoming of Digital Marketing:

1. Visual search

Visual search in English visual is positioned as one of the main marketing trends in 2021. This trend is based on image recognition technology, that is, it locates images and other elements on the Internet from pre-existing images in the net.

This advancement in image recognition is particularly important in the e-commerce industry. Why? Basically because the focus of Internet commerce is to locate products that are in the physical world.

This new trend should encourage companies that sell their products online to take advantage of this technology, optimizing images, that is, using quality images that show different perspectives, in order to facilitate the recognition of the product that the company sells.

2. Personalized ads

The goal of the giants of the online world is to provide the best user experience. For this, it is essential that companies strive every day to offer personalized advertising, that is, advertising adapted to the needs, interests and tastes of users.

Technology, data, contextual marketing, etc., are essential to know more details about the audience and can offer us relevant information that helps us meet the specific needs of certain users.

Although this is a step forward, privacy policies are stricter every day and it is increasingly difficult for users to provide their information. However, he hoped that this situation would gradually change and that users would gradually notice when transferring their data. They will only receive personalized ads that are tailored to their interests and needs.

3. Voice search

Recently, the Google search engine announced that currently 20% of the queries made in the search engine are spoken. And not only that! This figure is expected to reach 50% next year, indicating that voice searches are a growing trend.

One of the main reasons that voice searches continue to grow is that it is much faster to speak than to type.

What should we consider? This is one of the present trends in digital marketing that moves SEO. People do not write as we speak, and although Google takes semantics into account, it will have to adapt the texts for voice searches.

4. Advertising on Amazon

Another digital marketing trend is Amazon Advertising, a pay-per-click marketing system on Amazon. As with other platforms, companies or products can place ads for their products in certain areas. Segment your audience and pay only per click.

This trend has multiple benefits for advertisers. Some of the most important are: high reach (since Amazon has 300 million users worldwide), synergies (because paid ads also improve organic positioning). Relevance (Amazon gives us access to very relevant information to know when the public is ready to make the purchase). And easy to use, among other things.

5. User generated content

One of the biggest advertising trends is user-generated content. This is because young consumers are wary of more traditional advertising, content generated by the brands themselves, promoting the benefits and features of their products. Now they trust other customers, what other users have tried, commented on and like. And that’s why user-generated content has gained importance.

6. Instant messaging applications

Who doesn’t use an instant messaging app to communicate today? Few people today don’t use an app to instantly communicate with family and friends. This reality in which we live has caused applications such as WhatsApp to incorporate new functionalities that allow companies to take advantage of this situation. One of these tasks in WhatsApp Business, a new tool that lets you to implement digital marketing strategies in the application. Post ads in the States, give automatic responses, create groups of interested audiences to send promotions, discounts. Information about new products, etc.

7. Conscious marketing

Mindful Marketing is one of the most imposing marketing news in recent times. This concept refers to all marketing strategies that place people and the planet at the center of their identity. Strategies capable of viewing the philosophy and values ​​of a company.

It is a type of marketing focused on showing the most human part of a business, teaching the production processes, the equipment, etc. So that users can more easily identify with a certain brand.

Why is mindful marketing increasing? Mainly because the young company continually seeks to feel identified with a brand, and not only with the brand, but also with a cause.

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8. Audiovisual content

Audiovisual content is gaining more ground every day than text. Various studies ensure that by 2021, Internet users will consume around 90 minutes of video per day.

This data should prompt you to start generating audiovisual content. Leave part of the marketing budget for the development of this type of content. However, if you currently have a very small budget… don’t worry! Today there are many applications that can help you edit videos. And they offer a very professional and high quality result.

What type of audiovisual content can be produced? There are many types of content that include storytelling, content that tells stories of products, brands, people, etc.

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Review Digital Marketing Trends in 2021.

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