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Fixing Error Code 2123-1502 on Nintendo Switch

Fixing Error Code 2123-1502 on Nintendo Switch

Error code 2123 1502 on the Switch means that the Switch cannot maintain a permanent connection to Nintendo’s servers and is, therefore, unable to download (or update) apps or games.

In addition to issues on the Nintendo side, there can be many causes on the client side that can play a role in causing the error to occur. These are some of the most common:

  • Nintendo Switch Sleep Mode – If the Nintendo Switch goes to sleep while downloading or updating content, it may cause the connection between the Switch and its servers to fail, resulting in Switch Error 2123-1502.
  • Corrupted Nintendo Console Cache – A corrupted Nintendo Switch cache can result in error code 2123-1502 because download packages cannot be cached properly.
  • Incorrect Switch DNS settings – If your network’s DNS cannot correctly resolve the web addresses of Nintendo’s servers, this may be the root cause of Switch error 2123.
  • Nintendo Switch firmware is out of date or corrupt. If the Switch’s firmware is out of date or damaged, this can cause an error, as it can cause incompatibilities between the Switch and its servers.

Try the Download Again from the Download Options of Error Code 2123 1502

A failure to load an app or game with Error Code 2123 1502 could be a temporary glitch in the handshake between the Switch and its servers. Here, retrying to boot from the boot options might resolve the error. Before proceeding, make sure there is enough free space on the Switch to complete the download.

  1. First, click “Cancel” to cancel the download, and then try the download again by clicking the download button (you may spam the download button 15 or more times). If the download starts, let it complete.
  2. If the error persists, click Cancel again to cancel the problem download, and when the download button appears, click it.
  3. Then quickly (so you don’t get the error), select Download Options (or Download Settings)

Now, wait patiently until the download completes in the background. Do not click anything during the process. The display message “Download Successful” is displayed in the upper left corner if the download is complete.

  1. If this fails, check to see if trying to reboot again with the Switch plugged in fixes the issue.

If the issue persists, check if downloading or updating the app or game from the online store resolves the problem.

  1. Enabling and disabling Nintendo Switch aeroplane mode

If a temporary communication glitch is causing the issue during the download, disabling and enabling Airplane Mode on the Nintendo Switch may resolve the issue as the communication modules recover.

Launch the Nintendo Switch System Settings and navigate the Airplane Mode (or Airplane Mode) tab.

Now in the right pane, turn on Airplane mode and wait for 1 minute.

Then disable the Airplane Mode and check if the download started without Error Code 2123 1502.

Change your Preferred Nintendo Switch Language

If a glitch in the Switch’s user interface (specifically the language modules) prevents the user from completing the download, this can cause the issue discussed. It is where changing the switch language and then back to the preferred language might solve the problem.

Launch the Nintendo Switch System Settings and navigate to the System tab.

Now open “Language” and select another language (e.g. German). Do not leave the screen, or you will not be able to change the language quickly.

Once the interface is displayed in the new language, reset the language settings to your preferred language (for example, English) and check if the Switch has Error Code 2123 1502.

Disable Nintendo Switch Sleep Mode

Downloading on Nintendo Switch may fail if the Switch goes into sleep mode during the download and loses connection to the Nintendo servers. In such a case, you can fix error code 2123-1502 on the Switch by disabling its hibernation.

Launch the switch system setup and go to the Standby tab.

Now click on “Auto sleep” and select “Never”.

Then save your changes and try downloading again to see if it downloads.

The information in this article may help you when you receive error code 2123-1502 while connecting to the Internet, downloading software, or running downloadable software.

PS4 vs Xbox One controller: which is better for PC gaming?

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At first glance, the DualShock 4 and Xbox One controllers look relatively similar. Both controllers have directional buttons, two joysticks, two triggers, and four face buttons. They are also Bluetooth controllers.

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What if in-game chat works but in-game voice chat doesn’t work?

When a game’s voice chat system gives you trouble, your path to a potential fix is ​​relatively straightforward.

First, you need to check your game audio settings to see if anything prevents you from hearing your teammates. If your settings are correct, the game servers are probably having issues.

Overloaded servers may start behaving strangely, including errors when using core game features. Servers typically take a few hours to return to their best behaviour, meaning you may only need the first few rounds of an offline gaming session.

In these cases, visiting your favourite game’s community forums and the developer’s Twitter page can be ideal, as you’ll find community members sharing workarounds that have worked for them.

Possible Solutions for Error Code 2123 1502

  • Try to download it again
  • Select OK to close the error message.
  • You may see a statement that the download has stopped due to an error. Select “Continue” to try the download again.
  • If you get the same error code again, try continuing the download a few more times.
  • When the “Loading data…” message appears, the download should complete usually.

Restart your Nintendo Switch console.

To restart your console, press and hold the POWER button for three seconds, select Power Options, and then Power Off. When the console turns off, press the POWER button to turn it back on.

Check your Internet Connection

Check your Internet Connection, and make sure your Nintendo Switch is still connected to the Internet.

Create a new Internet Connection.

Set up a new Internet connection, ensuring that you are trying to connect to the correct network and receiving a strong wireless signal from the web.

Manually enter the alternate DNS.

If the DNS you are trying to use is not working, entering an alternate DNS may resolve the issue.

Ensure the MTU value in your network settings is set to the default value (1400).

Connect to the Internet in a different location or access point.

Some additional precautions that can help you solve the problem

You can set the default MTU value in your network settings to 1400.

Try connecting to the Internet from a different location or access point.

Turn your router off and on again (only if you find that your Wi-Fi network is not providing adequate speed).


The methods mentioned above will help you fix the error temporarily. Until the developers provide permanent fixes, you may have to wait and bookmark this page, as every time a developer updates a spot, we’ve updated it here. So that’s all for today, guys. We hope you can get what you are looking for in this guide. If you have any questions about this Error Code 2123 1502, please contact us in the comments section. Also, don’t forget to follow us on YouTube for a daily game and tech updates.

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