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Fix “Error Code 2124-5210” on Nintendo Switch

Fix “Error Code 2124-5210” on Nintendo Switch

Error Code 2124-5210 – Many users have reported experiencing error code 2124-5210 in various games like Minecraft and Pokémon on their Nintendo Switches. An error occurred when starting the game or during an in-game action (such as sharing or receiving online). Typically, the following type of error message is displayed:

The Error code 2124-5210 is that the Switch or game cannot communicate with its network servers. The following factors can be considered the main factors for error code 2124-5210:

A shutdown of Nintendo servers – The leading cause of the error code 2124-5210 in most cases is the failure of the Nintendo servers.

Communication failure: A temporary communication failure of the Switch or router may prevent a game (such as Pokémon) from accessing related online services, which may cause an error.

ISP Restrictions: If the ISP for your network connection is blocking traffic from the Switch so that data packets between the server and the Nintendo Switch are not authenticated, error 2124-5210 may occur.

Corrupted Nintendo Switch Firmware – You may encounter error code 2124-5210 on your Nintendo Switch if its firmware is corrupted, as many modules may not perform their intended tasks.

What are Error Codes?

An error code is generated and displayed to the computer user when an error occurs in Windows or other programs. The error code is a number that tells the system what the problem is. It may also help resolve the issue. If you receive an error code, look for the error code number and the location of the error to see if there is a solution. Looking for error code 43 in Windows Device Manager, for example, indicates that a hardware device is faulty and needs to be replaced.

Change Error Code 2124-5210

Error code 2124-5210 on Nintendo Switch indicates a Nintendo Switch Online accounts problem. The exact cause of fault 2124-5210 is unknown. These errors often affect many games simultaneously, so if a player gets this error number while playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons, they will likely get the same warning when trying to play some Super Smash Bros. Ultimate battles.

How to fix Switch Error Code 2124-5210?

Error number 2124-5210 cannot be fixed by players as it indicates a problem with Nintendo services and not a problem with the player. This error message likely means that something is wrong on the Nintendo site, and the user cannot connect to the Internet. All the player has to do now is sit back and wait for Nintendo to fix the situation. There is nothing the user can do to improve the condition or speed up the game online, no matter what game it is. Unless, of course, they work for Nintendo.

What is Nintendo Error Code 2124-5210?

According to the official Nintendo website, the Nintendo error code 2124-5210 is a server connection issue. It could be due to problems connecting players or the Nintendo servers having trouble connecting to your Nintendo Account information.

It’s worth noting that Nintendo’s servers use Amazon Web Service network platforms. If there is something wrong with Amazon Web Services, you will find this error code.

The last reported major AWS outage bug occurred on December 7 and affected many gaming platforms. New World was involved, as was the Epic Games Launcher, which got stuck on the loading screen amongst other game related servers.

How to Fix Nintendo Error Code 2124-5210?

Please wait if you want to fix Nintendo error code 2124-5210. The official recommendation from Nintendo itself is to wait and try again later. The reason is that this is due to problems on the Nintendo servers, as you read above. You will need someone or a group of people at AWS or Nintendo before this error code goes away and you can safely use Nintendo services again.

Based on the last occurrence of the Nintendo error code 2124-5210 on December 7, this error code has been appearing for over nine hours. In other cases, it may last only a moderate amount of time. It depends on the network engineers behind the scenes who can fix it.

Reboot the Switch and Router

The error message may be caused by a temporary communication failure between the Switch and its servers. Here, restarting the Switch and router can fix the problem.

  • Press and hold the power button on your Nintendo console.
  • After the power options are displayed, click “Power Off” and turn off the router (or any other network device, such as a Wi-Fi extender, etc.).
  • Now unplug the power switch of the router and wait for 5 minutes.
  • Then reconnect the router’s power cable and turn it on.
  • Once the lights on the router stabilize, turn on the Switch and look for error 2124-5210.

If the issue persists and occurs with Pokémon, check to see if error 2124-5210 resolves running the global room from the basement of the Pokémon Center.

Read Wi-Fi Connection to Nintendo Switch

Read Wi-Fi Connection to Nintendo Switch

A temporary letdown in the communication modules of the Nintendo Switch can cause the error code 2124-5210. In such a case, adding the Wi-Fi connection back (after deleting it) to the Nintendo Switch may solve the problem.

  • Open the system settings of the Switch and go to the Internet tab.
  • Now open “Internet Settings” and select “Wi-Fi” or “Ethernet” (if used).
  • Then click Remove Settings to remove the connection. You can open Advanced Settings and delete the corresponding file for WPA secure connections.

Now confirm the Delete connection settings and restart the console with the network equipment.

  • After reboot, add the Wi-Fi connection back to the console and check if the Switch has error 2124-5210.
  • You can also check if the error is resolved by connecting the Switch to a different network (for example, a dial-up point). Remember to perform a switch connection test after connecting to another network.

Change Nintendo Switch DNS

You may encounter an error code if your network’s DNS cannot resolve Nintendo’s server addresses, which may cause the connection between the Switch and its servers to fail. In this context, changing the DNS of the Switch may resolve the error.

PRO TIP: If the problem is with your computer or laptop/laptop, try using Restoro Repair, which can scan repositories and replace missing or damaged files. Although, This works in most cases where the issue occurs due to system corruption. You can download Restoro by clicking here

  • Open your Switch’s system settings and go to its Internet tab.
  • Now open “Internet Settings” and select the network you are using (e.g. Wi-Fi).
  • Now select “Change settings” and click “Manual”.
  • Then set your DNS values ​​to match the following (or any other public DNS of your choice):
  • Now save the changes and then reboot the Switch.

After reboot, check if switch error 2124-5210 is resolved.

Reset your Nintendo Switch to Factory Default Settings

You may encounter a problem if the Nintendo Switch firmware is corrupted, as the modules may not be able to perform their tasks. In this context, resetting the Switch to factory defaults may resolve the error. We constantly check if Nintendo services are running. If Nintendo has no service interruptions, you can go to the reset option after backing up your Switch data.

  • First, turn off the Switch and remove your SD card. Otherwise, the data on the card may also be erased.
  • Open your Nintendo system’s system settings and go to the “System” tab.
  • Now select “Format Options” and enter the Parental Control PIN if prompted.
  • Then select “Initialize Console” and click “Next”.
  • Now select “Restore Factory Settings” and wait for the switch reset process to complete. It can be reset after about 5 minutes for a newer Nintendo console.
  • After that, configure your Nintendo Switch according to your requirements and hopefully, the Nintendo Switch error 2124-5210 will be resolved.

TIP. If none of the methods helped you solve the problem, we recommend using the Restoro repair tool to scan repositories to replace missing or damaged files. Although, This works in most cases where the issue occurs due to system corruption. Restore also optimizes your system for maximum performance.

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