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Here’s How You Can Enjoy Enhanced Signal Strength on Your Wi-Fi Network

Here’s How You Can Enjoy Enhanced Signal Strength on Your Wi-Fi Network

Whenever you enter your home and you cannot connect to the Wi-Fi immediately, your heart stops for a split second. Being deprived of internet connectivity for even a millisecond makes you question your existence at times.

Most of the time, connectivity issues occur simply because you do not have a strong enough Wi-Fi signal. With the tips mentioned here, we will help you improve your Wi-Fi signal strength at home.

The Right Model Makes All the Difference

The primary purpose of any router is to connect your device to a network of devices spread all over your house. While this function may be possible to achieve with any router in the market, not all of them are the right option for you.

Before buying a router you need to identify some factors that are necessary for a network at home. You need to check a router’s bands, actual speed capacity, number of ports, and many other things to make an informed decision. For instance, the model number alone can inform about the router’s signal strength.

Router Placement Matters

The next important deciding factor for the signal strength is where you place it. These phenomenal yet small devices are not as powerful as industrial towers. Their strength is affected by distance, walls, other appliances, and more.

The ideal spot for any router is a central location in your house where all devices can easily access it. Moreover, the antennae of your router must be in a vertical position to boost the signal further. Lastly, you must always keep it in an open area instead of hiding it in a closed space so that your router does not overheat.

Update the Router Software Regularly

Sometimes, you might be facing a slump in your signal strength just because your software is out of date. Manufacturers routinely roll out new updates on these devices to rectify any bugs or performance issues they might have.

To update the software, either you will need to upgrade it manually from the administrator panel of the device, or in some cases, you might even need to log on to the company’s website and download the software file from there.

Give a Range Extender a Try

Sometimes, placing the router at a central location still does not get the job done. Here, adding a Wi-Fi range extender is what you will need to do. A Wi-Fi range extender is a device that amplifies the original signal strength so that it reaches the furthest corners of your home.

Companies such as NetGear, TP-Link, Linksys, and several others, have come up with some amazing Wi-Fi range extenders. These Wi-Fi range extenders pick up on the original router signal and rebroadcast it to the entire home at a greater strength.

Change the Channel

Your Wi-Fi router has a couple of different channels where you can connect. If you happen to live in a crowded locality, there is a pretty good chance that signals from other routers nearby will interfere with yours.

If you and your neighbor happen to use the same channel on your routers, your router performance will be affected even if both of you are connected to different routers. So, take a little time out of your routine and change the router channel for an uninterrupted connection.

Change Your Internet Service Provider

Your Wi-Fi signal is only of use to you if you have a reliable internet service provider to complement it. If your internet service provider is not providing optimum download and upload speeds, there is only so much that a router can do for you. There are several internet service providers you could consider, some of which we have listed for you below:


Spectrum is among the elite internet service providers in the country. Not only does it offer remarkable internet speeds, but it also comes with some neat value-adding perks and benefits. For instance, the Spectrum Triple Play plan enables you to enjoy the internet, cable TV, and phone service with exceptional quality and relatively cheaper rates. You may easily subscribe to said service by contacting the Spectrum customer service team.


Next, we recommend Optimum internet service. Similar to Spectrum, Optimum hosts a plethora of features and blazing-fast internet speeds. In addition, you would also have complete access to a nationwide network of dedicated Optimum hotspots to enjoy the internet on the go. Here, you can enjoy download speeds as high as up to 1 Gbps.


Finally, AT&T is the internet service provider if you want to experience the internet lavishly. Whether you want to stream 4K content on your gigantic TV screen, or would rather spend the day battling orcs and goblins with your friends, this is the internet service you should consider. Not only does it offer remarkable standalone internet plans, but also provides access to some highly reasonable bundled plans as well.

On a Final Note

Having a poor Wi-Fi signal tends to frustrate people beyond anything. With the advent of technology, everyone needs to stay connected all the time. With the tips mentioned here, we are confident that you will never have to worry about a poor Wi-Fi signal ever again.

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