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How CarGuard is growing rapidly throughout the country.

How CarGuard is growing rapidly throughout the country.

CarGuard – Coming from humble beginnings back in 2015, they have rapidly expanded to cover 48 American states, with countless customers in each of them. This is all due to the unique way that Trevor Smith opted to do business at the formation of the company.

Who Are They?

The CarGuard Administration is a vehicle protection plan company.

The company provides plans that give people peace of mind knowing that many of the repairs to their vehicles are covered.

The Rapid Expansion of The CarGuard Administration

Trevor Smith founded the company in 2015. He had a goal to create a company that did things a little bit differently from its competitors. The goal was to create a customer-focused and transparent company.

Due to the unique way in which the CarGuard Administration does business, the company rapidly grew. It was only a few short years before the company had to move from their smaller offices in Kansas to their new, bigger offices right in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona.

Over the years, they have rapidly grown. Now serving customers in 48 states, and with positive reviews flowing in, it is evident that this company has no plans of slowing down any time soon.

Why The CarGuard Administration Grew So Quickly

The business model created by Trevor Smith ensured that the CarGuard Administration was always destined to grow into a company found throughout almost the entirety of the United States. This business model is baked right into the company’s philosophy.

Affordable plans

Perhaps one of the main reasons why they have grown so rapidly is due to the extended warranties they have available and the low cost that these vehicle protection plans are available for.

The various plans available have allowed customers to fine-tune the type of coverage that they want. This ensures that they are not paying for more than they require from the company.

They are one of only a few companies that provides various levels of coverage. Likely, this has seriously contributed to the growth of the company. This is because people understand that if they head to the CarGuard Administration, they are much more likely to find a plan that will suit their budget perfectly.

Customer-focused approach

According to the CarGuard Administration, one of their founding philosophies was to be much more customer-friendly than other companies.

Trevor Smith claims that he was not thrilled with how other companies dealt with their vehicle protection plans. He felt that as soon as one of these companies had your money, they were not too fussed about dealing with the customer when trying to make a claim.

The CarGuard Administration tries to go down a different route on this front.

They ensure that it is easy to reach out to their customer service team when a claim needs to be filed for a repair. By being easily reachable, the customer feels much more confident in how the process works. They feel that they are getting the help that they need. This is why many of their reviews talk heavily about how the customer service team works.

The CarGuard Administration also tries to ensure that their way of doing business is faster than some of their competitors. This isn’t just when it comes to dealing with the claim, either. The company tries to ensure its users have access to a courtesy car as soon as the claim has been filed. This customer-focused approach has helped to ensure that their customers are never off the road for too long.

As word began to spread about the more customer-focused approach that they had, it was likely that many of those that had dealt with tough vehicle protection companies before wanted to move onto a company that is known to be much more customer-friendly.


The CarGuard Administration has also pledged to be much more transparent in its approach to things.

Right from the get-go, they will share a wealth of information on how their plans operate. There is no need to read their terms and conditions to know what is covered with their policies.

They will also ensure that their customers are kept up-to-date with how their claims are being dealt with.

Transparency is something that people love when it comes to all companies, but it is sorely lacking in the world of vehicle protection plans. The fact that they were trying to do something different allowed them to expand rapidly.

The Future Of The CarGuard Administration

Based on customer reviews for CarGuard, this is clearly a company that is on the up.

While they have managed to venture into almost every state, they will certainly not stop gaining customers. The company will continue to expand, and there is a fair chance that it will become the top vehicle protection plan company in the United States. They certainly do have the business model that will allow them to head up this far.

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