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Investors Pour Money into Gold for Good Reason

Investors Pour Money into Gold for Good Reason

Gold – If you’re someone who likes to keep their eye on the financial market, then you may have noticed that during the COVID-19 pandemic, as during other periods of market volatility, investors poured their money into gold. They did this, among other reasons, because they wanted to preserve their wealth and protect it against inflation.

This is a common trend among investors. When the financial forecast looks dark, or at least unpredictable, investors put their money into gold because it tends to perform well during rocky financial times.

Why? Unlike paper currencies, gold is a global money, not backed by governments or central banks but rather by its merit. Also, gold is considered both a safe haven asset and a hedge against inflation: it tends to retain or increase in value during times of market volatility and appreciate during periods of inflation.

Gold Investment Options

Investors can buy and sell gold proxies (soft assets) or buy and sell gold bullion (a hard asset). If you’re new to investing, you may wish to start by putting some of your cash into [gold] bullion. [Gold] bullion is considered a strong investment vehicle and a reliable investment option. And the precious metal can be more accessible and affordable than other assets.

(Don’t worry, you don’t need to be rich to invest. If you’re worried about that, have no fear.)

Buying [gold] bullion is an especially simple process. The precious metal is valued per ounce. It usually comes in the form of 1 oz gold coins and bars, is kept as a reserve asset by institutional investors and banks, and is officially recognized as being at least 99.5% pure. Most beginning investors put their money into [gold] bullion by purchasing 1 oz bars or coins online or in-person from [gold] bullion dealers. It is possible to buy less than an ounce of [gold] bullion. Typically, however, sellers offer it by the ounce.

Given that [gold] is a safe haven asset, its value tends to be consistent compared to other asset classes. But it still fluctuates. In mid-January, 2022, the value of gold per ounce hovered around USD 1,825. At the end of 2021, [gold] was valued at USD 1,815.

[Gold] bullion coins but not [gold] bullion bars can be used as legal tender in Canada. (Note: the value of the metal far outweighs the value of the legal tender attribution).

The Bottom Line

Again and again, [gold] has proven itself to be a prudent investment option during rocky financial times. By pouring their money into [gold] bullion during such times, investors—including beginning investors—can secure or even increase their wealth.

If you’re interested, head over to a [gold] bullion dealer. The best will explain everything you need to know and offer you a fair market price.

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