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All to Know About Laxmi Bomb Full Movie Download

All to Know About Laxmi Bomb Full Movie Download

Laxmi Bomb Full Movie Download

Laxmi Bomb Full Movie Download – Laxmi is a 2020 Hindi horror comedy written and directed by Raghava Lawrence. The marking his directorial debut in the film industry. As a remake of their own Tamil film Kanchana (2011), Akshay Kumar and Kiara Advani, while Ayesha Raza Mishra, Rajesh Sharma, Ashwini Kalsekar, and Sharad Kelkar play central roles. The film revolves around a man possessed by the spirit of a trans person. Kumar also produced the movie with Cape of Good Films, Fox Star Studios, and Tusshar Kapoor’s newly formed production company, Tusshar Entertainment House and Shabinaa Entertainment. Lawrence wrote the script with Farhad Samji, Sparsh Khetarpal, and Tasha Bhambra, and Samji adapted the script and dialogue to the Hindi version. The film was announced in January 2019, while filming began in April 2019 and ended in March 2020.
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Special Case

Fiji, Australia, and New Zealand. Laxmi was originally scheduled for a theatrical release on May 22, 2020, but was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was later streamed digitally across India via Disney + Hotstar on November 9, 2020, becoming the first big-budget Bollywood film to be released on a streaming platform and not released in theaters in India. At the same time, it was redeeming in theaters in the United Arab Emirates. It received negative reviews from critics and the public, with the writing, script, narration, performances, although Akshay Kumar and Sharad Kelkar were praised.

Details of Laxmi Bomb Full Movie Download

Director: Raghava Lawrence
Written by: Farhad Samji, Tasha Bhambra, Sparsh Khetarpal
Producer:  Gayatri Su-Lin Pillai
Based on: Kanchana (2011)
Editor: Amen Khalid
Star Cast: Akshay Kumar
Kiara Advani
Productions By: Fox Star Studios
Cape of Good Films
Shabinaa Entertainment
Tusshar Entertainment House
Cinematography: Vetri Palanisamy, Kush Chhabria
Music: Amar Mohile
Language: India
Country: Hindi
Release Date: November 9, 2020

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More About Laxmi Bomb Full Movie Download


Aasif doesn’t believe in ghosts. He lives with his wife Rashmi and is the son of his late brother Shaan. He is an invitation to Rashmi’s parents, Ratna and Sachin, for his Silver Jubilee. Rashmi’s father disapproves of the couple because Rashmi, a Hindu, ran away with Aasif, a Muslim, but her mother is kind to them. They meet Rashmi’s brother, Deepak, and his wife, Ashwini. Aasif and Shaan visit the site next door, which is believed to be haunting. As he drives stumps into the ground for a game of cricket, the stumps hit a buried body. Bloodstains the stumps, but Aasif thinks it’s damp dirt and washes it on the lemongrass plant in the house.


After that, Ratna, Ashwini, and Deepak have supernatural experiences in the house. Following the direction of a priest, they affirm that there is indeed a spirit among them. Aasif makes lemongrass tea from the same plant in which he washed the blood. When he drinks it, the ghost attacks him and begins to behave effeminately and continues to wreak havoc at night and alarms the family, who now all accept Aasif, that something is wrong. It turns out that he was held back by three ghosts: a violent transgender woman, a Muslim man, and a mentally disabled child. Aasif’s family hires an exorcist to expel the leading spirit from his body; trapped, the ghost reveals his story.


Laxman Sharma, also known as Laxmi, was rejected by her parents when she was a child because she was transgender. She is welcome by a friendly Muslim named Abdul Chacha, who has a son with a mental disability. Laxmi regrets not becoming a doctor due to the lack of support from her parents. She adopts another transgender girl named Geeta and works hard to support her financially. When Geeta leaves to study medicine abroad, Laxmi buys land to build a hospital. The corrupt MLA Girja illegally confiscates her assets. When Laxmi enrages Girja and his wife, they brutally murder them, Abdul Chacha and his son, and bury the bodies in Laxmii’s land, the site that is now next door. Laxmi had already killed Girja’s henchman when he previously owned Aasif.


After hearing her story, Aasif is heartbroken at the lack of justice for her. So she willingly allows her to re-possess him to complete her revenge. Laxmi kills Girja’s wife and bodyguard, but Girja seeks refuge in a temple of the goddess Laxmi, which Laxmii cannot enter as a ghost. However, as a human, Aasif can come in and let Laxmii leave her body before forcing Girja out. Laxmi returns and finally kills Girja. Three months later, Aasif built the hospital-based on Laxmi’s dream. It turns out that Laxmii now exists symbiotically in Aasif’s body to help him when needed.


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