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Marketing in Gambling: How to Do It Right

Marketing in Gambling: How to Do It Right

Online gambling is one of the most profitable industries today. Indeed, it should continue to expand at a rate of 11.5% per year until at least 2027. However, an online casino isn’t a magic faucet that keeps pouring gold. Behind a successful online gambling platform, there’s a clever marketing strategy. What are the best ones doing right now? Follow our guest post specialist, Chris Haagensen, and check the latest online casino marketing trends.

Finding the Right Words

It doesn’t really matter if you have the best product in the world if no one knows about you. Online gambling operators are well-aware of it. Yet, reaching new customers can be tricky, mainly among so many competitors. There are thousands of online gambling platforms today eager to get your attention. Norwegian players can find the best ones at bettingsider Norge, but these platforms need more exposition. 

Check below some of the main marketing strategies used by leading companies in this field. 


Successful platforms are easy to find; they typically come on top of related searches. Any company can indeed buy their way to the top of any search engine’s list. Still, many things can be done for a website’s discoverability before paying for clicks. They can also optimise their website’s visibility by using the right keywords in the right places using SEO tools.

Going Social

Over 58% of the world’s population now has at least one social media account. It means that every comprehensive marketing strategy considers social media campaigns. The most popular online casinos and sportsbooks have many social media accounts. This way, they can engage customers of all age groups. Social media platforms are perfect for paid ads, including calls to action and affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate Marketing

While talking about marketing in gambling, it’s impossible not to mention affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketers are influencers or specialised websites. In the case of websites, they include ads amid their content, like reviews and opinion articles. Influencers are also affiliated marketers for a brand or brands, and the casino business is no exception. Affiliate marketing is a booming industry, approaching 12 billion US dollars this year. 


Newsletters are among the oldest kinds of online marketing strategies, but it doesn’t seem to have aged a day. Newsletters are cheap and effective, providing one of the marketing strategies with the best ROI (Return on Investment). Newsletters are still a very efficient communication tool. They can inform about upcoming promotions, updates about the website, and relevant news from the industry. Even the flashiest and most high-tech online casinos still use them. 


Everybody loves a free ride. Every casino offers bonuses and promotions for new and existing customers. Indeed, most online gambling ads out there are about welcome offers. These offers often come in packages that include free spins and other perks. The main point here’s to look generous, preferably more generous than the competition. 

An Eye on Competitors

Marketing trends come and go, and new technology is always being added to the mix. Still, one thing doesn’t change: the best way to stay ahead of competitors is to watch them closely. Only then it’s possible to create a marketing strategy that’ll look compelling and, above all, unique. 

An Eye on the Horizon

The online gambling market is always changing. There’s always new technology to implement, new developers to discover and new games to try. The best online gambling companies have dedicated teams to search for rising trends and the most anticipated releases. They also conduct opinion polls among their users to identify points to be improved and expectations to be met. 

On the Shoulders of Giants

There’s a lot to learn from marketing strategies used by online gambling companies. All aspects mentioned in this article can be easily applicable to any business, regardless of size. Better still, some of them are inexpensive, like newsletters and social media accounts. Anyway, it’s clear that they don’t put all of their eggs in one basket. They invest in different aspects of their online presence, from SEO definitions to affiliate marketing. 

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