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More About to Know Ishq Malayalam Movie Download

More About to Know Ishq Malayalam Movie Download

Ishq Malayalam Movie Download

Ishq Malayalam Movie Download

Ishq Malayalam Movie Download – Ishq is a 2019 Indian Malayalam-language romantic thriller film written by Ratheesh Ravi and directed by Anuraj Manohar. He plays actors Shane Nigam and Ann Sheetal and features Shine Tom Chacko and Leona Lishoy.  The film is alleged to have been coping from S Durga and Landmine Goes Click, where the scenes are very similar to the latter in the second half of Ishq. The film is producing by Mukesh R. Mehta, A.V. Anoop, and C. V. Sarathi for AVA Productions.
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Details of Ishq Malayalam Movie Download

Director: Anuraj Manohar
Producer:  Mukesh R Mehta, A.V. Anoop, C.V. Sarathi
Editor: Kiran Das
Star Cast: Shane Nigam

  • Ann Sheetal

Productions By: AVA Productions, E4 Entertainment
Music: Pritam, Julius Packiam
Country: India
Release Date: 17 May 2019

How to Watch Ishq Malayalam Movie Download

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More About Ishq Malayalam Movie Download


The film is about a Kochi man named Sachi (Shane Nigam) and his girlfriend Vasudha (Ann Sheetal).


Sachi works for an information technology company and takes time off to attend his sister’s wedding. He and his girlfriend Vasudha meet Alwin (Shine Tom Chacko) on vacation, who is sitting in a car with Mukundan (Jaffar Idukki). Alwin and Mukundan convince Sachi that they are police officers and that he and Vasudha will be arresting them if they do not escort them.


Sachi and Vasudha are mentally torturing while driving with Alwin and Mukundan. Alwin tries to attack Vasudha while Sachi is gone. Tired of Alwin’s actions, Mukundan leaves the three of them alone. Alwin continues to abuse her but leaves after Sachi pays him. Then the two of them go to Vasudha’s inn without saying a word. A frustrated Sachi asks Vasudha what Alwin did to him. Annoyed by her question, she gets out of the car, and Sachi drives home angrily.


The next day, Vasudha visits Sachi at her university. Still angry at her question, she asks him what else she would like to know. She gets in the car and takes Mukundan out of the trunk. Mukundan apologizes, and Sachi offers him money to come home. Still angry, Vasudha asks Sachi if she would have left her if Alwin had done something to her. Sachi refuses to respond and changes the subject by proposing to her for her birthday. She rejects him because she no longer wants to live with Sachi. She realizes that if something terrible had happened, Sachi might not have accepted her, regardless of who was to blame or how miserable the situation was. During the credits, several actual cases of moral vigilance are shown.


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