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Nagaland Lottery Live Draw Results, Prizes and More

Nagaland Lottery Live Draw Results, Prizes and More

Nagaland Lottery Live Draw 08/22/2022 Result 1 p. m., 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm: Good morning to everyone and every day, we know that the latest state lottery of Nagaland is published here daily at 13:00. m. tomorrow, 6:00 pm afternoon and 8:00 pm for your life and friends, all sambad lottery result messages will be posted at the best time, so friends make this site always marked as the name of the site so that it will always be known, how the lottery will be Nagaland Lottery Live Draw so it is August 22, 2022.

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So this new week started this Monday sambad lottery has always been known as Nagaland Lottery Live Draw DEAR FLAMINGO NIGHT, and 1 crore rupees is the top prize and come on buying some tickets that only cost you 6 rupees so get ready at 13:10, 6:10 pm and 8:10 pm for the fastest lottery results friends, we also publish sambad lottery results and old lottery results sambad, we also publish sambad lottery results with different names like Dhankesari, Sik Kim State Lottery, Nagaland Lottery Live Draw and West Bengal State Lottery and some results like Sambad Lottery result.

Nagaland Lottery Live Draw Results

Nagaland Lottery Live Draw Results

If you have invested in buying tickets for this expensive Night of the Vultures, you are on your way to instant prosperity. Dhankesari is for everyone who believes in luck and people who need to appreciate how lucky they are. They can easily view the data on our Gambling India website to know the online implications of this expensive night of vultures. sambad lottery

Nagaland Lottery Live Draw

Lottery Name: Nagaland Lottery Live Draw Result Today

State name: State of Nagaland

The name of today’s lottery DEAR FLAMENCO DAY

The draw date is August 22, 2022.

Draw schedule 13:00, 18:00 and 20:00.

Ticket price: 6 rupees

Link Lottery: Nagaland Lottery Live Draw

Result Website: nagalandlotterylivedraw. in

Result Status: Pending/Available

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Prizes of Nagaland Lottery Live Draw

1st Prize 1 Crore

The first prize winner will receive Rs 1 crore, and the second prize winner will receive Rs 9,000. The third place winner will receive 450 rupees.

The cost per ticket was 6 rupees.

Prize Amount:

1st Prize: Rs 1 crore

2nd place: 9000 rupees

3rd place: 450 rupees

4th place: 250 rupees

5th place: 120 rupees

Nagaland is one of 13 states where the lottery is not banned. The department holds daily and weekly drawings, which are very popular.

How to Check Nagaland Lottery Live Draw Results Online?

Log in at:

Find “Live Draw” on the main page and click on the link

You will be taken to a page where the winning numbers will be announced.

How to get Prize Money from the Nagaland Lottery Live Draw?

The winner can collect the prize amount at the Kolkata office in Nagaland. You can apply with the documents at the Nagaland Lottery Live Draw Office, 121, Jessore Road, South Michael Nagar, Madhyam Gram, Near National Model High School, Kolkata-700133.

Winners must provide a photocopy of their official photo ID and passport-size photographs. It should be noted that the authorities will not accept damaged banknotes.

Nagaland Lottery Live Draw – Names of Draw Days

Nagaland Lottery Live Draw - Names of Draw Days








[Nagaland Lottery Live Draw] Previous Result Sambad Lottery, make sure you choose your lottery from reputable retailers and also make sure you never give out your records of every person as scammers cheat with their eyes.

Download Now Lead State Lottery [Nagaland Lottery Live Draw] Sambad Day Time Today Today

However, if you win the Nagaland Sambad lottery today at 20:00. With other is required.

Life teaches you how many courses you already own. In addition, buying lotteries also teaches you a lot.

Mount Saramati may be its peak at 3,840 yards, and its same range creates a clear barrier between yesterday’s State Lottery result, today’s [Nagaland Lottery Live Draw] result, and the [Nagaland Lottery Live Draw] at 3:00 pm.


How to win the [Nagaland Lottery Live Draw]?

Friends, do you want to win the first prize of the [Nagaland Lottery Live Draw] in today’s game? They wish to win Rs 1 crore and buy random tickets daily.

How to play the [Nagaland Lottery Live Draw]?

Were you interested in playing the [Nagaland Lottery Live Draw]? So you have to buy tickets daily.

How to participate in the [Nagaland Lottery Live Draw]?

Want to participate in the [Nagaland Lottery Live Draw]? Then you need to buy the result of Sambad in the lottery.

How do I apply for the [Nagaland Lottery Live Draw]?

If you want to claim the results of the [Nagaland Lottery Live Draw], you have many options, application forms, and the choice of retail store owners.

How do I know only the last 3 words of the Nagaland lottery?

To know the modern world on the [Nagaland Lottery Live Draw], you must visit this site daily.

What is the [Nagaland Lottery Live Draw]?

The [Nagaland Lottery Live Draw] is a basic offline lottery game system with a top prize of Rs 1 crore.

How can I win the [Nagaland Lottery Live Draw]?

It is a game based on luck, if you are lucky, then you have a chance to win, but every day you have to try your luck and all the best from nagalandlotterylivedraw. in

How can I buy [Nagaland Lottery Live Draw] tickets online?

This [Nagaland Lottery Live Draw] is a basic offline game, so from now on, you need to buy it from the offline store. They will not sell it online.

How to Win the [Nagaland Lottery Live Draw]

Buy a daily [Nagaland Lottery Live Draw ticket], and one day, you will win a sambad lottery ticket.

Review Nagaland Lottery Live Draw Results, Prizes and More.

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