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Get to All About Pot Neck Blouse Designs

Get to All About Pot Neck Blouse Designs

Pot Neck Blouse Designs – Designers create unique designs with the simple idea of making slightly modified neck patterns and different blouse patterns. Neck tops range from a fully open back to a simple little pot shape formed in the back. Mostly tied with a drawstring or knot at the back of the neck, the neckline pattern is close to the body. Collared blouses are usually crocheted at the top or with long ties adorned with pendants at the ends.

Pot Neck Blouse Designs Trend

Today, blouses are found in many designs. One such style is the plunging neckline blouse design. This type of blouse is known for its small and straightforward pot shape forming at the back of the blouse. It is often found with lace, used to tie on the back. A knot or cord keeps the blouse close to the body. Mostly round neck tops have a drawstring and hooks with beautiful draping. In this modern world, designers are concentrating on developing amazing blouse designs that look beautiful with patterns on the neckline. Some are heavy, some are minimal, and some have different strings.

Trending Pot Neck Blouse Designs Pattern For Every Indian Woman

Trending Pot Neck Blouse Designs Pattern For Every Indian Woman

You can get a combination of mesh and zardosi for the low back or mesh with a slit in the back. Pair it with floral and pink themes for a highly desirable result. White satin blouses with long sleeves. See all the latest posts by Pratima Ati. Aries personality.

Boat Neck Blouse Design:

A unique and designer look can be given to your casual wear with the combination of their saree and blouse designs. A floral print blouse with a U neckline looks spectacular with any of them.

9 Beautiful Pot Neck Blouse Designs for Designer Sarees

Here is a list of 9 easy designer blouses with necklines.

  1. Crew Neck Work Blouse:

A blouse with a neckline and a mirror finish on the edges completes the design of the blouse. Cutouts and edging give your back a dynamic look. A dark blouse will surely complement your look.

  1. Double Hook Neck Blouse:

The cleavage saree blouse design can also be slightly different with simple changes. Embellished with tiny diamonds, the blouse makes the blouse more fantastic. A delicious idea to secure the blouse with two hooks, one at the top and one at the bottom. It will give you a unique and inimitable look.

  1. Blouse With Neckline And Lace Trim:

The neckline saree blouse design looks stunning and eye-catching with lacing around the edge of the neckline pattern. Plaid lace, or any designer lace, will be framing with a blouse to add flair to the design.

  1. High Neck Blouse:

Mock necks or high necks, even commonly known as halter necklines, go well with round backs on tops. The pot-shaped bodice design is adorned with a diamond-shaped stud or lace trim. Dark coloured tops play an essential role in the look to look more impressive.

  1. Butta Embellished Gold Potted Blouse:

The rich silk blouse with a saree back neckline pattern looks stunning. The back ties are reminiscent of a designer blouse with an open back. Little boots of three diamonds or three gold pearls are stuck all over the bodice.

  1. High Neck Blouse:

A high neck blouse is usually closely and creates a collar effect. When combined with the potted design, it began to show some skin. Your combination looks beautiful. The contour of the neck of the pot usually has intricate rim work. It is an excellent combination of traditional and modern looks.

  1. Neckline With Lace Edge:

Let the silk and cotton blouses be complementing by fantastic lace embroidery along the edge. When such blouses with necklines appear, it begins to look prettier. Here the neck of the pot has the same pipe and knots to join both sides. It will enhance the beauty of the blouse.

  1. Double Hook Patchwork Blouse:

The halter neck blouse also looks elegant and simple. It has two hooks, one at the top and one at the bottom of the blouse. It gives a keyhole effect that feels unique and out of the ordinary. A tiny diamond or pearl work looks more fantastic on these tops.

  1. A Pot with a Mirror on the neck Work blouse:

The design of the blouse with a neckline and a mirror finish on edge enhances the beauty of the blouse. The cutwork and hem add a modern touch to the back of the blouse. It also comes with Dori or cords to help tie the two ends of the blouse together.

  1. Scoop Neck Boat Neck Blouse:

Make a round shape with a right edge. The boat neckline is every woman’s favourite because it looks exquisite. And also, It is connecting with hooks, one at the top and two or three at the bottom. These blouses have short sleeves and a cut outback.


Best Kerala Saree Blouse Design. The cute multicoloured prints on the sleeves create a very eye-catching modern design, and the main body of the blouse in plain black goes well, especially with solid coloured sarees. Blouse design with neckline in front and back. White uniform women’s shirts long sheets. The cutout design at the back also exposes the shoulders very seductively. It thus makes the overall design very attractive for the party—a solid colour blouse with contrasting embroidery on tulle sleeves.

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