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r/whatsthatbook – How to Find a Book From a Vague Description

r/whatsthatbook – How to Find a Book From a Vague Description

r/whatsthatbook – One of the most annoying modern problems is a question that you can’t easily answer with a Google search, like when you’re trying to figure out the title of a book without knowing the author, any part of the title, or the title. title. Main character.

We have been and know how frustrating it is when searching for “book where [insert confusing memory here]” fails. Luckily, there are a few things you can try to increase your chances of finding this elusive name. Here are five steps you can take to find a book with a vague description.

And don’t worry: if you still can’t find a book, you can always check out our book recommendations for a new story. One day you will even be able to overtake your great white whale.

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Have you ever found yourself not understanding the title of a book you read more than ten years ago? Or maybe you heard a conversation about a book that sounded amazing, but you never understood the title or the author? When a thorough Google search doesn’t help, you start describing the plot to friends, family, co-workers, and sometimes the cashier at your local grocery store. Unfortunately, they don’t always have an answer either. Wouldn’t it be great if there were thousands of people waiting for a vague description of your mystery book so you could unravel your literary white whale? Fortunately, r/whatsthatbook has you covered.

1.      Assemble the Parts.

Every detail matters when you’re trying to find a book with no title! Write down everything you can remember, such as the genre (was it a psychological thriller? Historical romance?), character names and traits, any scenes that stand out to you, or a memorable quote.

Even the decade you think the book came out in and the place and time you read it can help you figure out the title of the book. For example, something you read in high school might be on the recommended reading list, and at the very least, you’ll be able to remove all new posts from your search immediately. All of this information can increase your chances of finding the book you’re thinking of.

2.      Google it.

We know, we just said that these things are difficult for Google. But the more you can remember, the more likely the omnipotent search engine will find the answer you’re looking for. For example, suppose you can’t remember the title of the classic children’s book Ella Enchanted, a Cinderella play in which a little girl is cursed and must obey every command she is given. If you search for “cursed book girl” you won’t find her on the first page of search results. But add the word “obey” and here it is: Ella Enchanted is the first result.

You can also improve your Google skills by making good use of quotation marks and minus signs. If you are absolutely sure that a certain phrase or name was in the book, enclose it in quotation marks; Google will only return results with those words.

And if the wrong book is cluttering up the search results, you can exclude those pages by adding a minus sign in front of the keyword in that result. For example, “book cursed rapunzel girl” to get rid of the results on some long-haired castle.

3.      Google Research it – r/whatsthatbook

Another trick is to specifically search Google Books and try to include words that you are sure will be used in the text of the book. Google will crawl every page of every book available for purchase in its database to see if it contains the words you entered, and that’s a lot of books!

So, to use our enchanted Ella example again, instead of writing “book girl who is cursed to obey”, you can write “cursed girl to obey”. For reference, it works! Ella Enchanted is the second result for these terms in Google Books.

4.      Ask Reddit about r/whatsthatbook

If you’re not familiar with Reddit, don’t worry. It’s very easy to use and there are a lot of subreddits with users who are extremely helpful and love finding answers to tough questions. (Also, while you’re there, you can get lost in Reddit’s dramatic relationship stories.)

For this particular task, you need to post on one of two subreddits: r/whatsthatbook or r/tipofmytongue. The former is full of book lovers who really know what they’re doing, though not as active as the latter, where users post every detail they can think of about the book, movie, song, video game, etc., and more. , they are assisted by users. find out what they think.

If you’re posting on a subreddit, be sure to read the rules, guidelines, and FAQs so moderators don’t delete your post. Then, if you’re lucky, the sub will be able to help you find a book with a vague description.

r/whatsthatbook – Subreddit Rules

One book or series per publication.

If the post title is not descriptive or does not contain a genre, it will be removed. You can post again!

Please review the submission guidelines before posting.

Is the message not showing up? Message to moderators; it might get caught in the spam filter.

style style style

Mark your posts as resolved in any of these ways.

Guide: At the bottom of the message content, select “style”, then “allowed” and click the “Save” button.

Comment: solved solved solved in the message.

Edit: your post and add allowed allowed allowed to content.

Sit back and relax: Resolved messages are also regularly marked green by the moderators. If it doesn’t turn green in a few days, send a message to the moderators!

r/whatsthatbook Books

Fiction or non-fiction?

Describe the plot.

Describe famous people.

What is this genre?

Physically describe the book – Hardcover/Paperback? Book cover colour?

When was it installed?

How long was the book?


If you didn’t read it in English, what language was it written in? Was a book originally written in English or another language?

Have you been to the USA or somewhere else?

5.      Ask a Librarian about r/whatsthatbook

If, even after following the steps above, you find that your detective skills are below the level of solving a cosy mystery, as a last resort you should turn to professionals, which in this case means going to the library.

At Early Bird Books, we love librarians and all the wonderful things that can happen in a library. It’s a real treasure trove of knowledge, and librarians love to help you keep track of information and figure out how best to research anything, including the few snippets you remember about the book.

In short, they are superstar detectives who are more than willing to help you find the title of the book you are looking for in their databases. And, in the worst-case scenario, if they can’t help you find that title, they can definitely point you in the direction of others you’re sure to love.

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So I’m looking for a book that I read, I think between 2012 and 2014, and it’s young adult fiction, about a girl I think moves to a small town and meets a mysterious boy and falls in love with him. He also appears to reciprocate but does not kiss her or engage in any other activity that involves the exchange of bodily fluids. This seems to be a mystery surrounding the boy, as he appears to be ill and undergoing treatment, which we later learn in the book, that he has HIV. I can’t seem to find the book or remember the title or any of the characters, if anyone knows of a book with a similar plot that would be a great help. Maybe a possible promotional video causes it all.

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