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Trading – Write For Us – Trade involves the transfer of goods or services from one person or entity to another, often in exchange for money. Economists refer to a system or network that enables trade as a market.

Modern traders usually trade through a medium of exchange, such as money. As a result, the purchase can be separated from the sale or the profit. The invention of money (and later credit, paper money, and non-physical money) greatly simplified and facilitated commerce. Trade between two traders is called bilateral trade, while trade involving more than two traders is called multilateral trade. Retailing is the sale of goods or merchandise from a very fixed location (such as a division store, boutique, or kiosk), online or by mail, in small lots or in batches. individual for direct consumption or use by the party. the buyer.  Wholesale trade is the trafficking of goods which are sold as goods to retailers, industrial, commercial, institutional and also, other professional business users, and also, to other wholesalers and related subordinate services.

The Principles Of Trading

The term “trade” simply means “exchange an item to another”. Usually we understand that it is the exchange of silver goods or in other words, just buying something.

When we talk about negotiation on the financial markets, it is the same principle. Think about someone who exchanges actions. What they really do is buy actions (or a small part) of a company. And also, If the value of these actions increases, they earn money, sell them again at a higher price. Although, This is the trade. You buy something for a price and sell it again on another, fortunately at a higher price, thus obtaining an advantage and vice versa.

But why does the value of the shares would increase? Although, The answer is simple: changes of value because of supply and demand, more demand for something, more people are ready to pay for that.

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