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The Best Guide For You To Get Uber Promo Codes

The Best Guide For You To Get Uber Promo Codes

Uber Promo Codes – You can get a free or discounted Uber ride if you are new to Uber. You have to use the Uber Visa card to pay for it. Not only will you save on your first ride, but you’ll also earn cashback.

In this article, we’ll tell you how to save on your first Uber ride and earn cashback with the Uber Visa card.

Sign Up For Uber Rewards Loyalty Program

Uber Rewards is a loyalty program that offers riders benefits for using the Uber app.

How Can You Earn Points with Uber Rewards

There are three tiers in the program- gold, platinum, and diamond – with increasing benefits as you move up the tiers. The rewards include free rides, upgrades to first class, and discounts on food and drink.

The tiers and the rewards are as follows:

  • 1 point gained for every dollar and can be used on Express Pool, Uber Eats, and UberPool
  • 2 points earned for every dollar can be used on Comfort, UberXL, Select, Uber X, and W.A.V./Assist
  • 3 points gained for every dollar can be used on Black SUV, Lux, UberBlack

You need to ride with Uber at least once a month to earn points.

What is The Value Of Earning Points?

Uber Cash is a new way to pay for your Uber rides. Every 500 points that are earned are converted to $5 in Uber Cash.

You can use your Uber Cash to pay for your next ride or any other service that accepts Uber Cash. You can use this to buy food on UberEats.

Note: Base fare, taxes, and fees for Uber and Lyft, all earn points. However, tips do not earn points. Bike and scooter rides also do not earn points.


How do you get cashback from Uber?

If you’re looking for extra ways to save money on your Uber expenses, you’re in luck! There are several ways to get cashback and earn points when using Uber.

  1. The first way is to use a credit card that offers cashback or rewards for Uber expenses.
  2. You can also save with Uber’s promotions and discounts.
  3. Sign up to and redeem cashback rewards and offers

Does Uber do Cashback?

Your Uber Debit Card returns money to your account when you swipe it at any participating merchant. This process happens automatically.

Cashbacks will be deposited to your account in 7 business days or less, but it could take up to three business days.

How Long Will it Take for Uber to Refund Your Money?

If your ride was canceled within the 15-minute window and you were rescheduled, your late cancellation fee will be refunded to you.

For refunds to receive credit faster, address your refund through your financial institution.

Get Your Uber Promo Codes From

In conclusion, by taking advantage of Uber’s rewards program, riders can earn points redeemed for free rides or other rewards.

Additionally, riders can save money on their Uber rides by using a promo code or taking advantage of a discount.

Redeem your Uber Promo Code here at

Review The Best Guide For You To Get Uber Promo Codes.

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