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What is Personal Marketing – Definition, Characteristics, and More

What is Personal Marketing – Definition, Characteristics, and More

Definition – Personal marketing

Personal marketing is the application of marketing, promotion, and especially dissemination techniques as a channel to promote ourselves as a brand to stand out from the competition and also highlight our differential values. In the recruitment process, it is not about selling yourself. It is about highlighting our strengths.

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What is Personal Marketing?

Personal Marketing is a sales strategy of your image to have better personal and professional projection. This type of marketing perceives people based on their physical appearance, way of being, objectives, relationships, daily life, etc. When developing a Marketing plan, it proposes to project the image of yourself that you want to have.

It is true that when people feel good about themselves, they can reflect success and subsequently achieve the goals they want. To become a benchmark in your industry, a personal marketing plan must cover these areas:


At this point, professionals must become aware of those strengths of their personality that can be considered positive.

Are you charismatic? Are you convincing? Thus, Are you sure of yourself? The elements of our personality are reflecting in our image. Therefore, we must ensure that these elements are favorable to send the correct message and that we want.


Since we are children, the actions of parents, siblings, friends, and other family members influence our personality. As adults, it continues to happen with colleagues and co-workers.

Those elements of the personality of others that have influenced their own must be identifying since the actions are affected by this.

The best thing is that you control these elements and can put them in your favor for your image.

Professional and job growth

If a person has a career and works goals that they have achieved, they will project a confident image of themselves. Professional development and how far you depend on each person, but this point is relevant if you want to launch the right idea.

Health, money, and time management

We highlight these three elements because they are part of personal life, but they are reflected like a mirror in the image of each professional since they affect them directly.

Physical, mental, and emotional health must be acceptable so that a personal image does not deteriorate. Taking care of these three factors is essential for well-being and sending the right message to others.

Money and time management can directly affect health. They are the resources we have, and their correct use can make us happier and more successful.

Using good Personal Marketing tools can increase your visibility and achieve the results you always wanted.

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Characteristics of Personal Marketing

The elements that follow must be aligned so that each new action leads you to the achievement of your objectives.


According to your objective, what is your audience? One of the things that characterize Personal Marketing is that it has a target audience to which we will direct messages established in the strategy and meet their expectations.


There may be many like you, so you must find a way to stand out. The image characterizes personal Marketing since it shows the individual who wants to “make himself known,” for example if this were the objective.


For this type of marketing and its strategies to be carried out, it must have a message. You must know what your speech will be, and the words you will say must be chosen carefully.

What is the argument that you will use and for which the recruiters are going to hire you? Make sure that this message is appropriate and offers that spark that makes you different from others.


For Personal Marketing to be effective, it must have a slogan or claim. It will help a lot to remember the differential values ​​of your brand.

With a slogan, you will have, so to speak, a summary of who you are, what you do, and what you promise as a personal brand.

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Objectives of Personal Marketing

As we mentioned before, the objectives of making a Personal Marketing plan are diverse, but they must be clarifying before starting any action.

Personal Marketing can help a professional build a solid and successful personal brand, but for what purpose? Pay attention to the following:

Improve online and offline reputation

Earlier, we mentioned that a bad reputation could cause severe headaches and, in the “least bad” of cases, delay the achievement of your goals.

The idea of ​​making a Personal Marketing plan is that you promote your brand. The objective of a professional may be to improve Its reputation and position himself as an expert in the sector to which he belongs.

With a good image and a correct message, this is perfectly achievable.

Get a solid brand

By having a personal brand, achieving its strength is a goal every professional would like to achieve.

By having a solid brand, recognition in the sector is always possible so that opportunities could increase and trust and credibility.

Attract potential customers

Many professionals are their own company, that is, they offer their services for other people or companies.

The idea is that these potential clients are of quality and help the professional and professional development of the individual.

Position yourself as an expert

Last but not least, the goal of a Personal Marketing plan could be the desired positioning.

Once a good reputation has been establishing online and offline, positioning as an expert becomes easier. The experts are showering with opportunities.

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Steps to develop a Personal Marketing Strategy

For the promotion, marketing, and dissemination of your brand, the following steps must be completing.

Define your goal

A strategy must have, by obligation, an objective. Once you define it, the way forward will be map out. This path will become your point of reference when taking a new action or deciding on an alternative.

By focusing on your goal, you will focus all your attention and effort on it.

Find your audience

Who will be your interlocutor? It could be the Human Resources department of a company you have an aspiration to reach or the prototype of your ideal client.

The important thing is that you know who the recipient will be by having an appropriate message.

Make your message

Why should they hire you or have your professionalism for an important project? Make an argument in which you highlight what you have, and no one else has.

Create your image

The image you give online is almost as important as the one you provide face to face. Each of our acts conveys something: from how we shake hands to how we dress.

The important thing is that you build a professional image, but that it expresses your differential value. Never underestimate the competition and be creative.

Create your slogan

With the slogan, you can highlight what you think is your primary attribute.

Example: José Pérez, Results-oriented Content Marketing. In this example of a slogan, we can know who you are, what you do, and what you promise.

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