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What is Trading – Definition, Types, Tools and More

What is Trading – Definition, Types, Tools and More

Trading – Definition

Trading  – The financial trading involves buying and selling financial instruments traded -actions, companies, currencies, raw materials. Also offers you access to best Indian casino games. Using an online platform , with the intention of obtaining a short – term profitability. Its operations are based, fundamentally, on buying an asset to sell it at a higher price or selling an asset to buy it again at a lower cost.

Types of Trade and How they Work

Then we will see the existing trading modalities, which are related, among other things, to the time during which the trades are kept open.

Today’s transactions

It is a form of short-term investing where stocks trade to buy and sell assets open and close on the same day. Although, this type of online trading, you can trade with currencies, stocks, commodities or cryptocurrencies, among others.


It is also a form of short-term investing where trades are done several times a day in a matter of minutes. The most popular is forex scalping, a style of trading that invests large volumes over very short periods of time (minutes and even seconds). But what is forex? Forex, also known as Forex, FX, or Currency Trading, is a decentralized global marketplace for all currencies operating internationally. The market is the largest and most liquid in the world, so perfect for scalping.

Swing trading

Unlike the previous modalities, this is a trading variant that allows you to act on the financial markets in the medium term. Transactions can be left open at the end of the day and last up to ten days. This technique uses the charts that the stock price draws session by session to identify trends and use them to make money in both the bullish and bearish markets.

Trend or directional trading

The operation is very similar to swing trading in that, like them, it uses market trends to design its strategy. Whether up or down, directional trading positions itself in the market by taking advantage of the behavior that the charts have shown. The main difference from the previous one is that operations generally take longer, weeks, months and even years.

Social trading

This is the name given to a new investment modality that is based on connecting a community of users or traders taking advantage of social networks. In this way, more advanced traders share their strategies with beginners, who can follow, learn and copy the most experienced and successful investors.

Tools for Online Trading

The enormous success of this new way of accessing assets has favored the proliferation of tools for online trading . Below, we have selected a small sample of the most reliable on the market:

  • Trading View

It is a fully cloud-hosted platform that offers real-time stock market data and online charts. It is specially designed for technical analysis and investment strategies. Tradingview is part of what is called social trading since it allows you to learn from the trading ideas of other users, at the same time that you can share your own analysis with the community.

  • Meta Trader

it is a totally free tool to invest in Forex . Today it is the platform prefer by millions of users due to its excellent features, such as, for example, technical analysis with more than thirty built-in indicators. And also, more than 2000 user indicators, interactive and unlimited charts or the ability to copy automatically the successful trades of other traders on their own account in real time.

  • Ninja Trader

It is an online trading platform specially designed for the futures market . This software allows us to operate through brokers in the main markets. Unlike the previous ones, Ninja Trader was conceive with the needs of advanced traders or those active traders with a good volume of operations in mind.

How to go from Investor to Trader

It is probably because the world of trading fascinates you and, probably, you are thinking about how to be a professional trader. For this, it is important to have a clear idea of what a trader is and how it differs from an investor. You can also learn how to trade the financial markets with 360capitalltd, one of the world’s leading online trading providers, offering trading  Forex and CFDs, Indices, Precious Metals, and Energy.

Trader: “any person who, through market analysis and various investment strategies, is dedicated to trading financial instruments to obtain a profit in a short space of time.”

Thus, the main difference between a person who invests in the stock market and a trader is, basically, the investment modality. While the investor performs long-term operations in search of a safe return, the trader is constantly aware of market trends to make many short-term operations that, with greater risk, generate an immediate return. So, is it possible to go from investor to trader? Let’s see.

Is it Possible to make a Living from Trading?

If you are thinking of going from investor to trader, you must take into account several factors that we have already explained throughout this article. The first thing to keep in mind is that investing in the short or long term is not about a game of chance or an art that you can master overnight, but requires study, methodology and discipline.

Second, the myth of making money easily through trading can be deadly to your financial stability. To be able to obtain great benefits through trading you must have a substantial capital and, in addition, be willing to lose large sums of money. So, if what you need is a punctual injection of liquidity, the most reasonable thing is to opt for something more secure such as a quick online credit .

But if you are definitely determine to dedicate yourself to trading and you meet the requirements. And also, the first thing you have to do is invest in training. The university courses most oriented to this type of profession are economics, business administration and management (ADE), finance and mathematics. If, in addition, you want to deepen in this discipline, it is advisable to take a master’s degree in Banking and Finance or Stock Market and Financial Markets.

What are the Main World Stock Indices?

Finally, if you already have sufficient financial knowledge and experience in the investment world and want to take your first steps in the field of trading, we leave you a selection of the main world stock indices for you to practice:

  • EMEA:

    • Frankfrut Stock Exchange
    • DJ Euro Stoxx 50
    • London Stock Exchange
    • Euronext Paris
    • Continuous Market
    • Milan Stock Exchange
    • Euronext Amsterdam Market
    • Swiss Stock Market
    • Nordic countries

    • New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
    • NASDAQ
    • Dow Jones Industrial Average
    • S&P 500
    • NASDAQ 100
    • Toronto Stock Exchange
    • Sao Paulo Stock Exchange
    • Mexican stock exchange

    • Tokyo Stock Exchange
    • Hong Kong Stock Exchange
    • CSI 300 – Shanghai and Shenzhen
    • Bombay Stock Exchange
    • Australian Securities Exchange

Best Decentralized Crypto Currency Exchange in Trading

The best decentralized crypto exchange refer to this concept as “it’s not your keys, not your currency”. This worth that if you do not hold the private keys in the portfolio, the parts are stored, they are not possessed.

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