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Karthika Deepam Written Update, Details and More

Karthika Deepam Written Update, Details and More

Karthika Deepam Written Update

Karthika Deepam Written Update – Karthika Deepam is an Indian Telugu television series on Star Maa—originally starring Premi Vishwanath, Paritala Nirupam and Shoba Shetty from 2017 to February 2022. The series is a remake of the Malayalam TV series Karuthamuthu which aired on Asianet. Kartika Deepam premiered on October 16, 2017. It is currently starting with Amulya Omkar Gowda and Kirti Bhatt, with Maanas Nagulapalli and Manoj Kumar as main characters.

The series’ first season begins with Premi Vishwanath, Parietal Nirupam, and Shoba Shetty in the lead roles. While Archana Anant, Sangita Kamat and Yashwant play supporting roles.

In 2018, an 8-year jump was introduced. Among them were the twin daughters of Deepa and Kartik; Baby Critic and Baby Sahrud portray Surya and Hima as parallel leads along with Premi, Nirupam, and Shoba.

In 2022, another 15-year jump was introduced, during which several new characters were introduced. It centres on Surya and Hima, played by adults Amulya Omkar Gowda and Kirti Bhatt, with Maanas Nagulapalli and Manoj Kumar as the second-generation leads.

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Details of Karthika Deepam Written Update

Genre: Drama

Opening Theme: “Aaraneekumaaye Deepam … Karthika Deepam”

Director: Kapuganti Rajendra

Producer: Gutha Venkateswararao

Starring: Premi Viswanath

Nirupam Paritala

Shoba Shetty

Archana Ananth

Amulya Omkar Gowda

Keerthi Bhatt

Country of origin: India

No. of Seasons: 3

No. of Episodes: 1300+ (till April 2022)

Duration: 22 minutes

Original Language: Telugu

Production Company: Gagan Tele Show

Original Network: Star Maa

Original Release: 16 October 2017 –

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Karthika Deepam Serially Written Updates

Karthika Deepam Serially Written Updates

Karthika Deepam Serial a popular Indian TV series followed by most Indians. In October 2017, Star Maa TV network broadcast the famous TV series in Telugu. Guta Venkateswararao is producing Karthika Deepam Serial Telugu Television. The Karthika Deepam Serial Today episode written update will tell you about all the twists and turns to come. The written update of Karthika Deepam Serial will provide an overview of the June 13, 2022 episode. This will allow you to watch the full episode and find out what is happening between Baa and Kartik Deepam. Read the following content to learn more about Karthika Deepam Serial Star Maa TV Series and Karthika Deepam Serial Today TV Series Episode updated on Jun 13, 2022.

Let’s first look at the Karthikadeepam Serial update on June 13, 2022, on how to write a new episode. This promotional video will give you a good idea of ​​this episode. Get rid of worry and speculation about the Kartika Deepam series episode on June 13, 2022, by watching Kartik Deepam promotional video.

Soon, the promo will be enabled.

Yesterday’s episode preview of Karthika Deepam Serial will bring you all the details of the next twist in Karthika Deepam Serial. Read on to find out what is Karthika Deepam Series is on June 13, 2022, Updated Written Episode Update.

How to Watch Karthika Deepam Written Update

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Alternatives to Watch Karthika Deepam Written Update

More About Karthika Deepam Written Update

More About Karthika Deepam Written Update

Dr Karthik and Deepa meet often. Karthik is impressed by Deepa’s kindness and generosity. His brother Aditya falls in love with Deepa’s half-sister Shravya who loves Karthik. Aditya’s mother, Soundarya and Shravya’s parents agree to the match. Sravya, at first overjoyed (assuming that she will marry Kartik), threatens to kill herself if Kartik does not marry her. Karthik asks permission to marry Deepa, and Shravya’s father (with whom he lives) is noncommittal. Karthik and Deepa marry in the temple and announce their wedding at the party, angering Soundarya and Shravya. Soundarya lets Deepa into the house; Shravya marries Aditya, but she first wants to get rid of Aditya and Deepa.

Karthik’s childhood friend Monita returns and loves him. She causes Shravya’s miscarriage and convinces Karthik that Deepa is having an affair with her friend, the writer Vihari. Deepa becomes pregnant, and Soundarya takes her in.

Deepa gets a job at a gas station. Soundarya asks Deepa to return; Deepa unknowingly gives birth to twins, and Soundarya takes one home. Karthik grows to love the girl and names her Hima after her late girlfriend; Deepa leaves town with her other son, Sourya.

Eight Years Later

Deepa owns a sewing workshop in the village. She and Surya return to the city for treatment; while she works as a cook, she crosses paths with Karthik and his family. Deepa discovers that Karthik has adopted Hima; she refuses to return to him because he doesn’t trust her. Surya and Hima become friends, and Hima joins Deepa. She discovers that Karthik is her father, and Deepa and Karthik know that Hima is her twin daughter. Deepa discovers that Monita is behind Kartik’s girlfriend’s death and tries unsuccessfully to prove it to her. She leaves again; Soundarya and Murali Krishna are looking for her, and Kartik promise to marry Monita if she finds Hima. Deepa runs a successful restaurant but gets sick again; Karthik decides to retake the fertility test.

He finds Deepa, Surya and Hima and takes them back to the city (Deepu for the children). Karthik discovers that Deepa is seriously ill and treats her. He invites Monita to a family reunion, and she poisons Deepa’s medicine. Karthik tells Deepa about her illness and fears for her children’s future if she dies; Soundarya comforts her.

Karthik discovers that Deepa never had an affair with Vihari. Guilty of blaming Deepa, he decides to apologize to her at her bid. Monita accuses Karthik of getting her pregnant, and Deepa moves into a rented house. Karthik and her girls join her, and he tries to reconcile with her. Deepa becomes suspicious of Monita (who is trying to get Karthik to marry her), and Karthik tries to find out if he is the father of her child.

After Some Years

Hima is a generous, kind-hearted, and innocent doctor, while Surya is a benevolent, brave, and outspoken auto-rickshaw driver named “Jwala”, raised by former thieves Inrudu and Chandramma. Surya and her adoptive parents arrive in Hyderabad, where Indru and Chandramma work as cooks for Prem, a professional photographer who lives with Satyam. Still, Swapna wants him to live with her and Nirupam, a doctor. Aditya and Shravya did not return from America after the death of Kartik and Deepa. Surya befriends Nirupam, Prem and Hima but doesn’t know she is her sister. Surya clashes with Swapna but doesn’t know that she is her aunt because she didn’t see her.


After all, she is separated from the family because Surya and Hima weren’t born and didn’t see Swapna when she visited her house while Surya lay unconscious. For the shock of the death of his parents. Hima discovers the truth about Jwala being Surya and tries to ensure she doesn’t find the truth. She foils Surya’s attempts to find out about her sister Hima from her. Anand, whose adoptive parents are killed for his property, lives a life of poverty with Aruna’s older sister, who treats him horribly.

Swapna invites another doctor, Shoba, to marry Nirupam. Still, Shoba conspires to marry Nirupam to pay off the loan with Nirupam’s help that she took to build her hospital. As Nirupam is desperate to find out why Hima rejected him, he begins to get close to making Hima jealous, but she becomes happy. Sounddarya asks Surya to find the adult Surya, mistaking her for Jwala. Shoba hires her maid to befriend Indra and Chandramma to find out about Surya and humiliates her when Surya beats her once, and she is also jealous of her closeness with Nirupam. Shoba learns that Indru and Chandramma are thieves. Prem’s plans to propose to Hima fail.


At the party, Shoba and Swapna accuse Indruda and Chandramma of the theft, but Hima proves her innocence. For Nirupam to marry Surya, Hima lies to everyone that she has cancer and wants Nirupam to marry. She plans to set a condition for Nirupam to marry Jwala (Surya). Shoba learns that Jwala is none other than Surya, Hima’s sister.


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