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Small Business Write For Us

Small Business Write for Us – What is meant by small business? Can you explain the definition of a small business? For you who have not been able to explain the definition of a small business, the meaning of a small business. So here you can listen to our explanation of what is meant by a small business. Here we also explain the characteristics of a small business, the weaknesses of a small business, the advantages of a small business and the types of small businesses.

Definition Of Small Business

The definition of small business is any business carried out by individuals or legal entities that carry out activities in the economic field that carried out simply to obtain profits with certain limitations. Or in other words, a small business is a business built on a small scale, with small capital and small market coverage. But seeing the great opportunity to make a small business can provide quite a decent income.

Small businesses are businesses whose owners have direct lines of communication with operating activities and with most of the workforce in these activities, and usually only employ no more than 50 people.

Small Business Characteristics

What are the characteristics of a small business? However, the characteristics of a small business include the following:

Small businesses have the following characteristics.

  • Management depends on the owner.
  • The owner himself provides capital.
  • The scale of business and the amount of capital is relatively small.
  • The area of ​​business operation is local.
  • The human resources involved are limited.
  • Usually related to the needs of daily life.
  • Employees have emotional kinship.
  • The majority of employees come from economically disadvantaged groups.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Small Business

Disadvantages of Small Business

What are the disadvantages of small business? The disadvantages of small businesses are as follows:

  • Limited capital.
  • Employee problems.
  • High direct costs.
  • Product quality limitations.

Small Business Advantages

What are the advantages of small business?

The advantages of small businesses are as follows:

  • Privately owned business.
  • Higher motivation.
  • High flexibility.
  • Minimal bureaucracy.
  • Serving the local/domestic market.
  • Products/services do not attract attention.

Types of Small Business

Small businesses in gare grouped into There is also a classification into the formal and informal sectors. There are many different types of small businesses that entrepreneurs can enter, including:

The manufacturing business is a business that converts basic inputs into products that can sold to consumers. Therefore, Example: tofu craftsmen, rattan craftsmen.

However, Merchandising Business is a business that trades products to consumers. Example: supermarket business, grocery store.

Service Business (Service Business) is a business that produces services, not products or goods for consumers. However, Examples: internet cafes, advertising services, motorcycle repair services, and salon services.

Therefore, For those of you who need to start a small business with minimal capital, you can follow Barista Training and Coffee Shop Business.

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