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Your Buying Guide to the Best Wireless Speakers

Your Buying Guide to the Best Wireless Speakers

Best Wireless Speakers

Wireless Speakers – Beyonce or BTS, Beethoven or Queens, Desi Hindi or Punjabi Pop, whatever your jam is, nobody can question the power and meaning of music in our lives! It keeps us motivated, keeps us distracted, inspires us, and provides a perfect escape from worldly life!

If you also like music and want it to sound the way it is supposed to say, a good Bluetooth speaker is a must-have

Thanks to them, it is now much easier to incorporate our favorite songs into our everyday lives, whether at home or on the go. They offer a

simple wireless connection that is convenient but does not sacrifice first-class sound quality. Because of this, the market is currently being flooded with several portable speakers that are difficult to find.

If you’re also struggling to find the right product (for yourself or to give someone special), read on! How we list the most important things to consider when buying.

1. Sound Quality and Drivers of Wireless Speakers

It is obvious! You will be using your wireless speaker to listen to music! Because of this, sound quality is of the utmost importance to everyone. Audiophile or not, the speaker should at least do justice to your favorite songs. If you’re a fan of loud, bass-heavy music, many speakers on the market come with unique modes to give you that little extra.

The driver is the heart of any speaker, so you must get yourself a decent driver. The number of drivers and their placement also affects the sound of the speaker. Smaller Bluetooth speakers usually come with a single full-range driver and are positioned up or down to help crowd out the sound.

So if you’re looking for speakers that sound great, don’t forget to take a look at the size of the driver!

2. Battery Life and Play Time of Wireless Speakers

For one, where wireless speakers rid you of the messy horror of wires and cables, they bring with them the burden of running on a battery. And there’s one thing we all know about batteries: they’re empty!

It works with no argument that you want your music to keep flowing, so you must check the battery level and the playback hours.

Especially if you are taking your portable speaker on a trip or hike where you don’t have much access to a constant charging source, your speaker must last long enough to enjoy the experience fully. It should be able to survive the time you can recharge it.

3. How Durable is it?

Let’s be honest! We’re all a little clumsy! Hence, there is a high possibility that your favorite device will be damage. Whether a jet of water or a little dust, anything can harm you. Therefore, you need to check the speaker’s IP rating. It should be robust and robust without definitely compromising on style! In addition, the material must be made so that it does not break if dropped accidentally.

Now that you have well understood the basic terms and things you should consider before buying, we will also give you some suggestions.

Bluetooth speakers from Boot

The following Bluetooth speakers from Boot under 2000 are packed with outstanding features to keep your party lit up:

Stone Boat 1200

Get ready to feel the beats with these beautiful RGB LED Bluetooth speakers.

This speaker is cylindrical and comes with a strap that makes it portable. Its powerful 14 W sound with passive bass radiator will take your party to a new level as soon as you turn it on.

The speaker also supports the TWS function, which means you can link two Stone 1200s together and forge them into one for added impact. The speaker emits loud and powerful music for up to 9 hours on a single charge, while the RGB LEDs are up to 7 hours long.

It makes it one of the best Bluetooth speakers in India! Feel free to connect them via Bluetooth V5.0, or you also have the option to use AUX, USB, or FM modes. In addition to these great features, the speaker also supports the one-touch instant voice assistant.

Tribit xSound

Slim and stylish: This wireless speaker comes with rounded edges and a matte finish. The compact design of the speaker makes it portable. You can put it in a backpack and take it with you anywhere.

Dual 8 W power drivers deliver powerful sound without distortion, even at maximum value. Crystal clear highs, clear mids, and rich lows ensure an impressive listening experience. You can rely on top-notch Bluetooth 4.2 technology to effortlessly connect to all of your Bluetooth-enabled devices!

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