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About Samsung Finance + – Privacy Notice, Information, and More

About Samsung Finance + – Privacy Notice, Information, and More

Samsung Finance + Privacy Notice

Samsung Finance + is a device lock app that will “lock” your device if you cannot make the payments required by the loan agreement with financial partners. The Samsung Finance + would allow you to view your account information (including identification of your payment account/bank account, amounts due on the next payment and due dates) and payment details, access to Partner line payment portals to make required loan payments following the loan agreement. And you associated customer service.

In this privacy notice, we describe the types of information collected through Samsung Finance +, how we may use the information. How long we may keep the info, with whom we may share it, and the options available to you. . about our use of information and the exercise of your rights. We also describe the events we take to protect data and contact us about our privacy practices.

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Information we Collect

With Samsung Finance +, we can get information about you in a number of ways. The types of personal information we collect include:

  • Account information. When you log in, we may collect information associated with your account, such as your name, email address, mobile phone number, social profile data, and payment details. Samsung does not store or maintain your credit / debit card details, bank details, or any other payment instrument that you use to repay the amount owed on the loan.
  • Samsung Finance + interactions. We may collect information that you exchange during your interactions with Samsung Finance +, such as transaction data. We may also obtain other information relating to your use of Samsung Finance +, including information (such as information relating to the applications you use, the websites you visit and images, calendar entries, bookmarks and content and data from other Samsung apps and applications, third-party websites and services) that We obtain from Samsung and third-party apps and services that Samsung Finance + accesses or uses to provide services to you (such as details of payment).
  • Geolocation data. We may receive the geolocation of your device and other information related to its location by GPS.
  • Device and application information. We may collect information by automated means about your Samsung Finance +, such as device models, operating system versions, device settings and configurations, IP addresses and device identifiers, and other unique identifiers. Additionally, we may obtain information on how, when and for how long you use your Samsung Finance + compatible devices, including your use of Samsung Finance +.

How we Use the Information Received

We can use the information we receive through Samsung Finance + to:

  • To provide you with services, such as B. Answering your inquiries, questions, and instructions via Samsung Finance +;
  • identify and authenticate yourself to use Samsung Finance +;
  • Enhance and personalize your Samsung Finance + experience, for example by providing personalized content and responses to our users and the way they interact with Samsung Finance +;
  • Communicate about our products and services with your separate consent and send you notifications, content, warnings, offers, promotions, marketing information, communications and advertisements;
  • answer your questions and requests for information;
  • Operate, assess and recover our business (including developing new products; improving and improving our products and services; managing our communications; analyzing our products, customers and services; performing market research; performing data analysis; and performing accounting, auditing, and others internal functions);

Through Samsung Finance +, we may collect personal data over time about your online activities on Samsung Finance + enabled devices and from third-party apps, websites and other online services. We may use third party analytics services for Samsung Finance +. The providers who manage these analytics services help us analyze your usage of Samsung Finance + and improve Samsung Finance +.

Exchange of Information

We do not share any personal information about you through [Samsung Finance +], except as described in this privacy policy. We may share your data withholdings and affiliates and service providers, including financial partners, who provide services to us. And also, We do not allow our service workers to use or disclose information unless necessary to achieve benefits on behalf or comply with legal requirements.

When you use [Samsung Finance +] to access or interact with third-party applications and services, we may send certain personal data to the providers of those third-party applications and services to provide the services you have requested. Examples of this information may include loan payment details, geolocation and other location information. Other information that will help facilitate the services you have requested. These third parties can also collect certain personal information directly from your devices through [Samsung Finance +]. Samsung is not responsible for the privacy or security practices of these third parties. The privacy and security practices of the respective providers, including the details of the information they receive from us or collect about you. Thus, subject to the privacy statements of these parties, which we strongly recommend that you review.

Samsung, our holdings and affiliates, and our third-party vendors may also disclose information about you.

(1) if we are require by law or statute to do so (e.g., a court order or a subpoena);

(2) in response to requests from government agencies such as law enforcement agencies;

(3) to establish or defend our legal rights;

(4) when we believe revelation is necessary or appropriate to avoid physical or other damage or financial loss;

(5) in connection with an investigation into actual or suspected illegal activity;

(6) in the event that we sell or transfer all or part of our business or assets

(7) otherwise with your consent.

Preservation of Personal Data

Personal data will only be for as long as is reasonably necessary for the purposes mentioned above, taking into account criteria such as the applicable statute of limitations and at least the duration of your use of [Samsung Finance +].

Your Options

You cannot deactivate [Samsung Finance +] during the term of the loan granted by our financial partner. However, after the loan period has expired, you can deactivate Samsung Finance + at any time via the settings menu.

How we Protect Personal Data

We maintain administrative, mechanical, and physical security measures to protect the personal data we receive through [Samsung Finance +] from destruction, interruption, loss, alteration, access, disclosure, or accidental, illegal, or unauthorized use. Samsung also maintains reasonable procedures to ensure that this information is reliable, accurate, complete, and up-to-date for its intended use.

Updates to our Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be efficient periodically to reflect changes in our personal data practices about [Samsung Finance +] or changes in applicable law. We will post a notice on our website and / or on your device to notify you of physical changes to our Privacy Policy. And indicate when it was last updated at the top of the notice.

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Review About Samsung Finance + – Privacy Notice, Information, and More.

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