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Avoid these Mistakes while Preparing for the Class 7 Maths Olympiad.

Avoid these Mistakes while Preparing for the Class 7 Maths Olympiad.

Class 7 maths olympiad – It is essential to keep learning from mistakes to improve continuously in the exam preparation process. Hence, it’s crucial to understand the common mistakes that one makes while preparing for the Class 7th Mathematics Olympiad.

Some Of The Common Mistakes That Take Place While Preparing For The Class 7 Maths Olympiad

Here are some of the common mistakes that take place while preparing for the Class 7 maths Olympiad-

  1. Confusion about Syllabus- The first step to preparing for an exam is to understand the paper’s syllabus properly. The student may visit the Olympiad’s website and access significant educational resources available online to acquaint themselves with the syllabus. A list of all the topics that are coming is necessary, and relevant study sources for the same can be collected.
  2. Unclarity about the rules and format- Without understanding the format of the paper, it would be challenging to strategize an approach to give the paper. It’s crucial to understand the structure, format, and more to understand if there is any negative marking in the paper or to see how many questions are available per section. Gaining clarity will also help the student understand if there’s a choice to attempt any section before and hence, eventually play to their strengths.
  3. Giving the same time to all the topics- One size does not fit all, and this idea is essential while approaching the different topics of the Olympiad. The mastery over each matter is different for each person. Hence, it’s advised to recognize the topics that need more preparation time and allot the same accordingly. This helps in customizing preparation and giving more time to the weaker topics, conversions etc. thereby making them strong.
  4. Absence of a timetable– The lack of a timetable can lead to a mismanaged approach to exam preparation. Setting goals and targets to complete different topics is essential and helps in achieving the said goals. These goals can be mentioned in a list and later reflected on a timetable. A timetable is vital for assigning and dedicating a certain number of hours per topic. A schedule can help prioritize the concepts and be aware of the progress in different subjects.
  5. Not creating a formula revision sheet- Without creating revision notes or sheets, it would be difficult to go through the theory and formulas required to give the exam. Hence, it’s recommended to make notes to ease the process of revision. Since the syllabus of the Olympiads can be a lot, it’s crucial to have summaries of various chapters noted down in a sheet. This increases the pace at which one revises and goes a long way in improving the retention of multiple formulas.
  6. Not revising before practice- Revision and review help one retain the concepts learned earlier in the learning process. An ineffective revision habit may lead to confusion related to basic formulas and can waste a lot of time during the final paper. Hence, it’s essential to revise the sheet that one may have created content about the different types of questions that may appear in the paper.
  7. Attempting a few topic-wise questions- It is not recommended to attempt less than 50 questions per any topic of the Olympiad as this prevents topic-wise mastery. Without trying topic-wise questions, the accuracy in the complete practice is not to the test givers’ full potential. Topic-wise accuracy is crucial before achieving accuracy in a full-length paper.
  8. Making too many silly mistakes– It’s natural to make some silly mistakes during preparation. Still, if the frequency of these errors is high, then it’s a reflection of making hasty answer choices, conceptual gaps, or poor time management. Hence, if the silly mistakes are too high in number, then take time to reflect on what is causing them in the first place and work on improving the same.
  9. No time monitoring- Unless the test taker gets an idea of the time they are taking while solving questions, they will find it difficult later as they proceed. Olympiads test one’s time management skills, and thus, it’s recommended to monitor time while giving mock papers and final test quizzes. If the time exceeds while giving mock papers, that’s an indication to work harder on the concepts.
  10. Uncleared doubts- If doubts are not clarified during the learning phase, they may result in conceptual unclarity and eventually incorrect answers in the final paper. Hence, it is recommended to ensure that all your doubts regarding the different topics are cleared before going ahead with the documents. This can be done by connecting with teachers, past test-takers, classmates, and so on.
  11. Making the same mistakes in papers again- Making the same mistakes in mock papers or question banks indicates poor feedback and review mechanisms. If the mistakes while solving questions are not revised, and the correct way to solve the problem is not understood, then the same difficulties may come while solving the final paper as well. Hence, a continuous feedback mechanism is essential to keep improving in any exam. This can be done by marking the questions in a paperback guide or maintaining a virtual error log on a spreadsheet. The status of progress for each topic can be updated in the sheet.
  12. Not attempting mock papers- It is our observation that this is a widespread mistake. After gaining proficiency over various topics, students do not feel the need to attempt mock papers. This can lead to more stress during exam day and can even lead to incomplete papers or a higher rate of inaccuracy. Resources for the respective Olympiad, such as the IMO Class 7 2013 Question Paper, can be practiced here. This will allow the student to be familiar with the question paper ultimately.


By avoiding the mistakes mentioned above, the test-giver is sure to have an obstacle-free path to preparing and learning for the Olympiad. Preparation for the Class 7 Mathematics Olympiad may seem like a cakewalk for the student. Such a structured approach will lead to commendable achievements, and they will be able to reach soaring heights!

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