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Become A Better Senior Secondary Teacher: Tips To Follow

Become A Better Senior Secondary Teacher: Tips To Follow

The education for students is divided into a few phases and steps that begin from primary education, later elementary, then secondary further moving to a senior secondary and higher learning. And for all these educational stages, teachers have to do different qualifications and adopt different learning methods.

One of the most important educational stages for students that take them for their future and professional development is senior secondary. Let us discuss some effective tips that teachers can follow for better senior secondary teaching, imparting quality education, and making students excel in academics and careers.

Teaching skills for a senior secondary teacher

Before discussing the tips and ideas that will help you to become a good senior secondary education teacher, let us discuss a few sets of skills that you must possess or adapt to meet your teaching goals and impart the best education to the senior secondary learners.

  • Effective communication skills
  • Active listening
  • Organizational and planning skills
  • Productivity
  • Emotional understanding
  • Goal specific

Senior secondary teaching tips

Have in-depth knowledge of your subject

For becoming a senior secondary teacher, being a pgt is necessary.  PGT full form means post-graduation teachers. In this post-graduation teachers achieve education in a particular teaching subject and all teachers must ensure to have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the subject they are going to teach.

Senior secondary learning is complex as well as detailed. To make students understand the lessons better, explain effectively, meet their curiosity, and solve their doubts and queries better, all senior secondary teachers must have a deep and effective knowledge of their teaching subject.

Create effective lesson plans

Senior secondary education plays an important role in the lives of students. From here they begin to work more for achieving their future goals and objectives. Also, senior secondary learning is complex and more detailed. To make students understand better and have an effective learning experience, teachers must create proper learning plans.

Creating a macro teaching plan, that is considers learning goals, has suitable learning activities with having regular assessments will work quite well. Plan teaching lessons in such a way that students learn, understand, participate, and practice better respectively.

Maintain interactions with all

Senior secondary education is not about mugging up what’s written in the textbooks. It is a phase of education, where students must develop the best learning and life skills to achieve success in the future. And in this regard, teachers must help students. In a classroom, students are different from one another.

Some are quite good at communicating and interacting while some are revered and shy too. But this shyness and hesitation must be overcome and for this teachers must ensure to interact with all the students. Call out students by their names, ask general understanding questions to make all students interactive in the classes.

Have time to time doubt sessions

Senior secondary subjects are detailed and have a certain complexity for all the students. This means teaching these subjects is time taking too. And during all this, sometimes teachers don’t get enough time to attend to doubts and queries of students.

But this problem can be solved by teachers conducting proper separate doubt classes for students from time to time. For example, after completing two or three subject lessons you can organize a doubt class in which you can ask students to come prepared with their queries. Here you can summarize and reteach the topics students found difficult in understanding too.

Teach with the help of technology

The senior secondary subjects are complex and full of details and high concepts. And teaching all these from textbooks only can’t give effective results. In this regard using technology will surely help.

Teachers can make PowerPoint presentations to make lessons more attractive and informative for students. Also by using online teaching sites and apps, teachers can access modules, educational videos, visual notes, picture cards, and more audiovisual tools. With the help of visualization, students will understand and grab the taught information better.


Teaching senior secondary education students to bring along a lot of teaching duties and responsibilities and the main one among them is to provide students with effective, clear, and more understandable academic learning. By following the above-mentioned tips, that is to make effective lesson plans, use technology, have doubt classes, have in-depth subject knowledge, and maintain interactions with all, teachers can become effective and better in this regard.

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