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Common Myths & Misconceptions About SEO

Common Myths & Misconceptions About SEO

SEO – Search engine optimization has been the consistent driving force behind the traffic of many successful websites as one of their strong marketing strategies. Essentially, SEO is a much-needed tool in order to garner traffic and build a solid, organic following for your business and/or website. For instance, 60% of marketers mention how most of their organic traffic comes from “SEO-engaged” users. In addition, SEO is a good way to further personalize the customer experience for your users by putting out content that is relevant to their interests, all without expending a serious budget on the entire strategy.

According to enterprise SEO agency, EWR Digital, although SEO has trended quite a bit over the past few years, some myths and misconceptions have also arisen about the entire practice. The thought process of SEO being a dead-end practice, or a one-time thing has been floating around for a while now. Rather than being a dead service, it’s more that it has evolved as most technology and marketing strategies’ have, thus, no longer possibly making it as easy to implement as before.

SEO has itself become assimilated into being a part of a bigger marketing strategy where you’d have to engage with all other social and online engagement tactics as well in order to garner viewers and a following. Not to mention, SEO is a practice that is best done in a consistent manner otherwise it won’t really have the effect that you might expect in the long run. It needs to be carried out routinely with scheduled posts set up for nearly every day or every other day for its reach to continue working.

In addition, many believe that SEO is simply repeating a set of keywords in order to have the algorithm work in their favor and attract traffic. However, such a tactic is no longer possible amongst SEO practices since Google has already rectified the matter and has prevented such manipulation from taking place.

Rather, it can have a negative effect on your website by reducing its overall visibility to your viewers. On the other hand, people tend to think that keyword research isn’t important to SEO as much, but certain keywords are quite popular with some topics and can help boost your traffic if used in an appropriate manner.

As previously mentioned, using even important keywords repeatedly can potentially have a negative impact on your SEO marketing strategies. Another similar issue that arises in SEO when we talk about links in content. At times, some people tend to link websites and content that is not relevant to their posts and/or their business as they believe links are the most important factor in SEO practices. This can mostly be true if this aspect is utilized properly with relevant and useful links being added to your content. A few quality links being used can do wonders for generating traffic to your website.

Oftentimes, people skip over mobile optimization for their websites as they don’t consider it too important of a SEO component to add. Mobile phones are a very intrinsic part of modern day life and not having a website optimized to work on a phone can lead you to potentially be losing out on a lot of business. Especially since many purchases and decisions are being made by people at the click of a button.

Another practice that is commonly thought to be a good SEO tactic is utilizing PPC ads (pay-per-click) as a way to rank higher on Google pages. But rather than expecting Google to assist you in ranking higher, it doesn’t do anything much. However, PPC ads do indirectly help you a bit by attracting backlinks to your website, therefore increasing your traffic and viewer count.

SEO Agencies Aren’t Worth the Cost

SEO agencies can be a great option for those who have the budget to purchase their services and have their websites optimized to attract as many users as possible. However, for small businesses or for those looking to have [SEO] help for ongoing projects, an SEO specialist might be more beneficial than having a contract with an agency. By having a specialist, it makes it easier to connect and communicate any and all business matters related to the website. In addition, [SEO] is a skill that you’re able to pick up on your own after learning some necessary components which ultimately makes the entire service free of charge. SEO agencies might not be worth the cost for small businesses or for those who prefer having a [SEO] specialist on their team rather than outsourcing constantly to an agency.

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