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Steven Universe Future Opening – Complete Explanation

Steven Universe Future Opening – Complete Explanation

Steven Universe Future Opening – Do Steven Universe fans want more?  Series creator Rebecca Sugar opens at New York Comic Con that a limited epilogue-style series, Steven Universe Future, is on the way. Set after the events of the film, which take place two years after the events of the main series, Steven Universe Future also has a new inaugural sequence.

Steven Universe Future Opening

The sheer eagerness of having more Steven Universe to look forward to could mean you’ve missed out on some of the essential – or even minor – details of the new inaugural sequence. But the 23-second first is full of little clues as to what could happen and what the world of Steven Universe did. Let’s investigate.

The Crystal Gems Have Grown In Number Steven Universe Future Opening

The Crystal Gems Have Grown In Number Steven Universe Future Opening

The new title streak starts similarly to the previous iterations, focusing on Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and Steven. But, very quickly, they are joined by Lapis, Peridot, and Bismuth before the camera rolls and reveals an eclectic cast of gems.

We have the Off-Colors that Steven bonded with in space (right side) and a host of previously corrupted gems (left side), the Nephrites, all Diamonds, and Spinel, the antagonist of Steven. Universe: The Film. Connie and Lars also join in this beautiful group image. Look how happy everyone is!

Additionally, Steven is wearing a new shirt, similar to Greg’s in his youth.

Little Homeworld Is Complete Steven Universe Future Opening

Little Homeworld Is Complete Steven Universe Future Opening

Steven Universe: The movie revealed that a pile of gems on Earth was building a “little homeworld” near the old barn. A short shot in the opening sequence reveals that Little Homeworld is now over! Hooray!

The Enemies Include Some Aware Faces Steven Universe Future Opening

You can’t have a speech show about tying up the details without some details to work out. A glance at the villain pic reveals a few new creatures (the Steven cactus or the watermelon monster?), But also a few familiar faces.

For starters, Jasper was one of the series’s first actual opponents. The last time we saw Jasper was at the end of the fifth season finale, “Change Your Mind,” where he healed of his corruption. So what has happened over the past two years to bring about this turning point? Is it even Jasper himself?

Above Jasper, we see a small gem resembling Aquamarine, which we last saw in space. But she’s a little different, and hers blue has tinted hers with red. Could it be an aquamarine fusion? Say, maybe with a Ruby? With a Ruby that we also saw drifting in space? Cough cough. Eye-ball.

There’s also a sizeable serpent-like creature hanging over them all (Sneeple, anyone?) And the odd monster Steven Cactus. We see what appearances like White Diamond on the far left, but with hints of the Pink Diamond design.

Could she be a whole new character, or is something wrong with White? On this precious stone float two lapis lazuli.

The Human Residents Of Beach City Adapt To Life With Gems Steven Universe Future Opening

A quick shot of Beach City shows humans relaxing with the gems. Mayor Dewey is no longer Mayor Dewey and now works at the Big Donut, where Mr. Smiley and a Jewel say hello. Sadie and a new character relax outside with Onion and a Jewel.

Across the street, we can see Lars joining his parents, as well as Sour Cream and Buck Dewey hanging out with a gem. Behind Greg, Mayor Nanefua Pizza stands with a team of four costumed rubies protecting her. Vidalia and Yellowtail sit on the beach, with the Fryman brothers nearby and the Pizza family in the distance.

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