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6 Marketing Tactics You Always Used That You Didn’t Know About!

6 Marketing Tactics You Always Used That You Didn’t Know About!

Marketing Tactics you’ve always used in your business to attract customers can help you build a strong and profitable digital strategy.

What is the role of marketing in the daily life of your business? If you are doing less than you should to make your business stand out, you are not alone.

Many entrepreneurs don’t understand very well; they think they don’t have enough budget or that they have already tried tactics without significant results.

Because of this, many people are giving up marketing or are reluctant to invest in the area. Digital marketing is full of techniques, tools and processes that confuse those who do not use it every day. That is why you should not focus so much on what you do not know.

Now see how you can build a strong and profitable digital strategy by following the steps you’ve always taken to attract customers!

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6 Marketing Tactics you’re already using Without Realizing it

Marketing Tactics: Those who thought that marketing was not an integral part of their business will be surprised by the following list. There are no fewer than seven popular (and recommended) tactics in a digital marketing strategy.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Remember, when you are offering commissions to other people to promote and sell your products, that is affiliate marketing.

Basically, you outsource a lot of the outreach and sales and share a small part of the profits with your spouse.

Affiliate marketing is a very common strategy for information products as they are called digital products that provide valuable information to the community. In this category we can include books in digital format, online lectures and sequences, spreadsheets, etc.

Marketing tactics are so natural that even companies focus solely on marketing without blogging, courses, and training on the topic.

2. A / B Testing

For example, let’s say the Buy button at your favorite virtual store is red. To find out if this color positively affects sales, the owner can compare the red button with another color, such as green.

You can then test between the two color variations to see which, for example, has the most significant impact on converting visitors to sales. In a controlled environment where all other variables (like button text and button position on the page) come into play, this is a great A / B test example.

In many cases, the changes are as subtle as changing a storefront, portfolio, or moving products and determining which products are the best to sell.

3. Loyalty Programs and Indications

Coupons sound like music to all customers. But they generally work best when they are part of a loyalty program.

A common example is that of cafes and restaurants: the customer receives a voucher with each purchase. For example, after collecting ten coupons, he could win a free sandwich or pizza.

Viewer programs are also very successful and work as simple as adding a certain number of friends and getting discounts or benefits for your business.

In the digital world, companies like Uber and Dropbox use this type of plan and continue to do well with thousands of companies of all sizes and segments.

4. Joint Marketing

If your business has partnered with another business in the past to promote or generate mutual sales leads, you have previously used joint marketing.

It is one of the most good-looking ways to get clients without spending a lot of money. For this reason, some reference companies in the market with large marketing budgets are already doing it.

The most common form of co-marketing in the digital environment is by creating content, be it in the form of a blog post, e-book, web conference, or whatever.

The production of the material can only be divided or carried out by one of the companies. However, the interesting thing about this strategy is to share the dissemination efforts and the contacts that are generated from this material.

5. Segmented Screens

In digital marketing, segmented advertising, that is, advertising directed so that only the selected audience profile sees them, is used strategically to achieve excellent results.

This practice used before in the offline world, but in a more primitive version. Let’s say you are handing out brochures outside of a shopping mall or somewhere in town where you know your audience is frequent. In this case, your intention is probably the same as that of using targeted online advertising, that is, to reach your audience wherever they are.

6. Seasonal Marketing

Many companies use popular events or breaking news to gain attention and engagement on social media, email, or in virtual stores.

Big and generous events like the World Cup and the Olympics, as well as popular hashtags on social media, are the most used options.

Has your company ever used events or posts that everyone has commented on to promote itself? So you did seasonal marketing!

What does this mean for your business in practice?

The most important message you can learn from this list is that marketing doesn’t have to be a seven-headed monster. Many companies are already using key digital marketing techniques to sell more and keep customers happy, even without knowing it.

It is clear that if you implement the same actions in a structured process to evaluate the results. And also, learn with them every day, this scenario can improve (significantly). We will discuss this below.

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The Next Step: Take your Business into the Digital Age

If your company uses the most popular digital marketing techniques in an analog way, the next step is to enter that environment to make the most of the strategies.

If you’re still not entirely convinced it’s a good idea, check out our full article on digital marketing. However, to stay ahead of the curve, know that this strategy has several advantages over traditional methods, such as:

the reach of a much larger number of people who can become customers

the ability to scale the system without increasing costs;

the ease of measuring all results and making adjustments quickly.

Free digital marketing evaluation.

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